Sony Mix Engages Online and Offline With Viewers With #ADayAtMIX

The mystery of the unknown. There is always a curiosity involved with listening to the radio station or a music channel on television. You ponder how it all works. It even rewinds you back to the good old black and white days of our parents. Wearing their stylish skirts and bell bottom pants tuned in to their favourite ‘radio station’ to make for a complete, excitement filled evening. If you asked someone today to sit at home and listen to the radio, they’d just give you a blank look. One similar to that of a raccoon dressed in a bib at a fine-dining restaurant. Unless of course you had an opportunity to witness firsthand what happens behind the scenes. That’s exactly what the Sony MIX – #ADayAtMIX is all about.


  • Providing the TV channel’s social media followers and viewers an exclusive opportunity to spend a day at Sony MIX’s HQ in Mumbai with their team.
  • Allow the Sony MIX fan an exclusive insight into the channel’s business strategy and its functioning.

Allowing the avid Sony MIX fan the exclusive chance to see how a music channel functions and spending time with their favourite hosts and put an end to their curiosity of how it all works.




The #ADayAtMIX campaign was launched simultaneously across all the 3 social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) Sony MIX is involved with. The main idea revolving around Facebook being used as a promotion of the entire activity while Twitter and Instagram played the part of live coverage for this campaign.

Sony MIX used the hashtag, #ADayWithMIX over a couple of days with images and tweets from their office and daily life at the MIX HQ.

Regular updates were put to generate curiosity among the fans following them on social media, with queries pouring in as to how one could be a part of this grand scheme.

After 3 continuous days of promotional activity and teasers on their pages, the 4th of August, 2014 saw MIX conducting the actual activity.

Pictures of the lucky winners at multiple Sony MIX departments were posted. From the cafeteria to mixing rooms.


Engaging the avid fan

The mystery I spoke about. That’s what this campaign just killed. All for a good cause though. Letting people into their offices to see how Sony MIX functions is a great opportunity for the general public. People usually have no clue as to how a music channel works. Although I’m sure the winners to this tour were thoroughly lost in the entirety of this office’s functioning, it is still a means to engage the fans and let them be a part of the entire experience of hosting a music channel.

Confusing them with the complicated machinery being used with extremely technical terms during the tour of the offices is a great way to impress people. But yes, this is a really cool way to interact with the fan!

Making the brand more viewer-friendly in comparison to the others

Post this event, Sony MIX has managed to make the other music channels look like the unfriendly rickshaw-wallas on your way to an already hectic day. Sony MIX however, is the new sweetheart of the television. What’s not to love about a channel that is so open and transparent with the way they operate. People eventually relate to elements that make them more comfortable.

Giving themselves an edge over the competition by means of such an activity will do wonders for their brand. With people hoping for more such opportunities. Simply with the interest this campaign has generated, I’m certain people would rather switch to this channel first.


Scope for Improvement

Too much effort to make the fans take part

It’s one thing to give people a chance to come visit your head quarters and see what happens behind the scenes. It is another thing completely to talk to them about the company’s business strategy. Honestly, it is one risky affair if one of the contestants is a spy of their competitors. As far as the common viewer is concerned, there is a trained ape at the end of a broadcast console who plays Aashiqui 2 soundtracks every time his girlfriend kisses him.

Sharing business strategy may not be a great idea.



An interesting campaign for sure. Viewers and fans have the chance to be gain insight into how a channel works and how music is played. Although, I’m not sure how much a viewer would have appreciated the winning contestants being allowed to play their own music. Especially since you’re hoping the said people had a good day or else be subjected to slow tracks that make you want to wring your heart like a sponge. This campaign certainly gives Sony MIX a clear advantage over their competitors. Oh wait. I cannot end this article without mentioning this. Did you know Sony MIX’s music strategy is as follows:

Music for every moment – Milk in the morning and whisky in the evening.

No. I’m not making that up. They must have such cool copy writers. Or not. Depends how you look at it I suppose. I mean ‘listen’.