Social Media Agency Feature: The Brand Saloon – 360 Degree Digital Saloon!

Who are we?

We are The Brand Saloon, a 360 degree Digital Saloon. Yes, just like in any other saloon, we groom you to the looks you want to have in this vast virtual world. People are constantly searching; we make sure you look unique, different and good to catch their attention. We take care of your every tiny detail, even that one tiny long hair, we will take care of. You may be a new or an old brand, but that doesn’t matter because once you are out of our saloon, you sir, are going to be a rock star.  Yes, you heard it, a rock star in the digital world.

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What’s in the name?

What’s in the name? Everything is in the name. A name defines the person, differentiate him from the others. We groom and style our clients’ brands in such a way that they look irresistible to the people looking for them, we kind of make them the hot shot of the digital town (being modest). So what better name than The Brand Saloon?

What we do?

Here is what we do, in short: “We Create, Develop, Implement and Nurture.” We start from scratch and build a notable Brand by doing just about everything it needs to become popular in the vast, limitless digital space.

Why we do it?

Let us not get into the obvious and lengthy scope and future of Digital Marketing, you can Google that out. We do what we do, is only to satiate our constant need to create, mature and evolve towards the space of unlimited possibilities- the strife towards perfection. We don’t do things out of the box, we redefine the box. We break the conventional barrier towards limitless potentials. We don’t run with our feet, we run with our minds, beyond all boundaries towards the “Limitless”.

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How we evolve?

Nothing is static, things are changing and that too at a very rapid rate (It’s time we disregard light to be the fastest). Now, what does a Saloon needs to stay ahead? Knowing the latest trends and how to do it? Nope! It’s setting new trends that keep us ahead. We don’t follow trend, we make one.

How we do it? Through constant seminars with the top brasses of the Digital industry, workshops with the elites of Digital world, and networking with the Top Dogs of the Virtual world, we made this possible. Nothing is impossible when you have the ability to think and work together.

Social responsibility in social media

We respect people’s privacy online. We make sure that the users visit and engage with us on social media sites, whole-heartedly. Our campaigns are purely ethical, and we do not induct any user to the campaigns without their consent.

Need of the hour

If we have learned anything, it is the need for constant interaction and engagement with your followers, the need to maintain an active relation with them. It’s time brand realize that number doesn’t matter. It’s the quality conversation you have with your audience that matters. Digital media has given the people to be more outspoken but it has also provided the brands with an easy medium to communicate and solve their problems.

We learned the hard way

Neither the client’s nor your satisfaction is important. What matter, is the satisfaction of your target users. They must fall in love with you, if you need to take things ahead with full vigor. Every day, we strive to achieve their affinity; we woo them with content that motivate them to be part of the brand. Client’s happiness is important, but one cannot do without giving what the audience wants. Otherwise, it will be just another flop film: the actors acted as instructed and the director is happy, but the audience didn’t like it because it’s not what they want.

They work with us

We are a 360 degree digital marketing solution to your problems. We have worked with some of the top Brands from various industries (coz we are super creative and awesome). Here are some of our clients, to name a few: Red Bull, Sun Pharma, Sanjeev Kapoor’s Wonderchef, BVC Logistics, Neeta Tours & Travels, Anmol Jewellers, Hub Town, Telugu Warriors, Sachiin Joshi, and Four Fountains De-stress spa

Industry as we foresee

We will not give you the excruciating details about the facts and figures of the industry. Well, do we really have to? (Google!!). The industry is not going anywhere. It’s here for the long run. So to cut it short and make it simple, just so you know where we are getting at, how we foresee the industry: Social Media as a compulsory subject at the secondary level school education.

A day without Internet

Well, how do we make it simpler? Picture this, a Chinese, Japanese, German, and a Russian man sitting on the same table, and none of them know the English language. Awkward? We thought so! That’s our day without the Internet.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes! We are always on the lookout for talent who can turn challenges into stepping stones.



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