Essential Guide on How to Use Rich Pins Within Pinterest

Pinterest is like an infinite universe where everything you see is specially selected for you and tailored to your needs and wants. It is the first social networking site that gives users curated content. This is why compared to all other forms of social media being used as marketing tools on the net, Pinterest is the only one that succeeds in directly generating ROI.

According to research done by RichRelevance, the average sale resulting from sales via Pinterest is $180, way higher compared with $80 for Facebook and $70 for Twitter users.

Thought that was awesome? Well, Pinterest just got even better. Along with promoting pins, businesses now have a new way to connect to consumers-Rich Pins!

This new feature enables businesses to add extra information to their pins thereby making it easier for users looking for that particular information to find them. Rich Pins help businesses break through the clutter.

Businesses can use any of these five pins to categorize and provide information through their websites to pinned images:

  1. Product pins

As a home decor business, wouldn’t you want your potential consumers to know about a great Christmas discount in the crystal ware section? Rich pins allow you to update current prices of products and also has a direct link to the product page, giving information about the product’s availability and also notifying pinners about discounts and sales. Besides showcasing their latest products, businesses can categorize them according to seasons and themes, helping users create wish lists.


  1. Article Pins

Article Pins help add valuable information such as author name, headline, story descriptions etc to pins making it easier for pinners to find them and save for future reading. Businesses, especially those involved in publishing can use this pin to share content from their website like Vogue Paris and The Guardian does.


  1. Place Pins

Place pins help you add vital information such as a map, address and phone number to a pinned image. As a travel agency, using this pin would help you share a review about an exquisite fine dining experience in Paris or an adventure story about bungee jumping at the Victoria Falls and help attract travel enthusiasts to your site.


  1. Recipe Pins

Businesses involved in the food industry such as restaurants, food product manufacturers and even celebrity chefs can use this pin to catch the attention of all master chefs in the making by providing recipes and culinary tips along with those scrumptious images on Pinterest. Businesses can feature recipe pins that use their products or promote their business interests and add several filters to their pins so that pinners looking for something in particular can find it easily.


  1. Movie Pins

Businesses in the celluloid industry can enhance their pins by giving information about release dates, ratings, cast, highlights and reviews to help movie buffs stay updated with the latest blockbusters.

Lastly, don’t forget to add the ‘PIN IT’ button to your website to encourage visitors to pin and share images from your site. Happy pinning!