Kitkat Goes Topical This Diwali Season With Their Video Campaign

Video is definitely the way to go for brands today. YouTube has taken centre stage as storytelling is going the visual route; and brands are not shying from investing in good quality content. Nestlé KITKAT’s latest video, which is literally out of the world, is aiming to do the same.

The video features a female astronaut who has been away from home for nearly a year and one day she decides to take a break and what happens next is simply amazing.

KITKAT Goes Topical

Considering the hype around India’s successful Mars mission, the timing of this video is bang on. The video is emotional and relates with anyone who is living away from his/her home.

Nicely shot and paced, the video engages the user throughout the entire length and ends on a happy note. The video is already clocking a good number of views and with Diwali round the corner; it will definitely get more traction. Also conversations have started flowing around #MyDiwaliBreak on twitter.

Diwali & Space are two of the hottest talking points right now, and KITKAT has beautifully tapped into both of them.