5 Reasons You Should Fire Your Client Now

Your business development team worked hard to get that client on board. Your operations team burned the midnight oil to deliver those amazing campaigns. You were proud to add their logo on your client portfolio. But now something is not right. The dilemma of whether to let go or not has arrived and you don’t know what to do.

Yes, it’s not a common practice to fire clients, and many agencies compromise on a lot of things just to keep that one client on board.  However, certain circumstances will need you to take that tough call. Knowing these few reasons on why you should fire a client might help you take that decision right away.

Number 1:  Lack of respect

You respect your clients and there’s nothing wrong in expecting the same in return. Your team’s respect should be far more important than the business you get from that client. Business is all about people. There are thousands of things that could go wrong every day; understand this fact and treat each other with respect. If the client has shown disrespect in any manner, let it go. Be polite and diplomatically refuse to continue.


Number 2: Lack of trust

Business is also about building relationships. And one of the foundations that has to stay strong is the Trust factor. Often the matters of concern would be financial in nature, hence keep your books clean and be transparent. If your integrity is questioned on various occasions, ask them to stop doing so by giving them good reasons to trust you. If that doesn’t work then there’s no point in putting efforts to build a long lasting relationship.


Number 3: Team morale is getting affected

Your team is the best you have got. Even if it’s not, you have to take efforts to build the confidence that would elevate their performance. If despite your team’s best efforts the client isn’t happy about the work done, then accept the fact that things aren’t working between the two parties. Make sure the team’s morale isn’t affected by your actions to keep the client happy. Low morale, even in one member of your team, can have high costs for you and your agency.



Number 4: Loss of time and money

Going for client meetings might often require you to travel places, and spend money on wining and dining. You might also be spending more than 80% of your time on that one client who is totally blurring your focus and taking away the enthusiasm out of you. You may not notice it now but that might affect your relationship and overall profitability in the long run.


Number 5: No fun

Hey, if there’s no fun at work then what’s the point of giving it the best hours of your life?  Let that annoying client go away if that brings down the stress. Have fun with your team and enjoy the little joys of working with clients who pay less but do not burden you with stress. Such clients will surely get the best out of you and your team. And the bottom line? Everything will take care of itself.