SeeU, Launches in India and UAE, Awards its Digital Marketing Mandate to Tonic Media

SeeU is the latest cross-platform and comprehensive mobile app to hit the market that allows planning and organizing free time. Available on Android and iOS, it has an extensive geolocalization function along with a map which shows where all the friends are at the moment. The map also shows all events they are taking part in. Thanks to this function, SeeU users receive complete information about many interesting events in a single app. Users may also easily add their own events, which will be visible to all or selected friends. Now, they will never have to miss anything.

The digital marketing for this first of its kind mobile application will be handled by Tonic Media in 2 countries- India and UAE. The agency whose expertise includes  digital marketing, online user insight mining, social media, application/micro-site development, online brand building and digital ad management will lead the complete digital strategy for the recently launched community app.

Talking about the agency’s win, Unmisha Bhatt, Director- Global Strategy, said, “We are elated about our association with SeeU. The brand has a beautiful philosophy of using technology to unify people for ‘real’ and not just virtually. We will use the digital medium to further enhance this. What better than Diwali as an opportunity, when culturally and traditionally, people are known to meet up and get together. Our team is very excited about this opportunity and we are all set to take SeeU to an all-new level with a high decibel Diwali campaign that promises to attract eyeballs and initiate a long-lasting relationship between the mobile-friendly youth and the brand.”