How Social Commerce Tools Can help Generate Leads

In the last 5 years or so, the use of social media platforms has grown at an astronomical rate. No one can deny the humongous impact of these platforms in the business of marketing. More than 82% businesses use social media to divert traffic to their business pages. Of late, it has become the latest word-of-mouse! Gone are those days, when online presence was restricted to only websites. Today, having an online presence means being active and engaging on various social media podiums.

According to Alexa’s top 500 Global sites, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn etc. emerged forerunners in the race to the top 25 most visited websites in the world! But the big elephant in the room is, despite the enticing stats, you still spend countless number of hours on these sites with little or no ROI.  While many would be quick to point a finger at poor advertising strategies, it’s high time we understand what the term ‘advertising’ actually means in context with social media.

The widespread mis-conceptualized idea of advertising is putting your ad before as many people as possible. This is where we miss the mark!  In our bid to promote our brand on a large scale, we fail to understand who actually our potential customers are. Not all who come across the ad will be interested in buying it. Thus, a large chunk of our money literally gets thrown down the toilet as we reach out to the wrong target audience!

To put it plainly; successful advertising is putting your ad across to people who would be willing to buy your product.

According to a recent survey, Facebook is the second most visited place on earth with more than 1 billion users! Promoting your brand on Facebook opens a whole new channel of communication with your potential customers.

Social Commerce tools play a very key role in orchestrating this channel of communication.  You can attract more fans and also refurbish the overall online presence of your brand. But the burning question is: What is social commerce and how can it help generate leads and win revenue for the businesses?

In layman’s term, social commerce is the merging of social media with e-commerce! Businesses can gain customers in a social framework.  Since the social media world is dynamic and evolving at the same time, it is very important for businesses to grow and adapt to different social commerce tools to stay ahead of their competitors and customers. The new wave of thinking in the world of social commerce comprises of:

Local Commerce

Geographically restricting participation or engagement of fans and potential customers on fan page is what is known as Local commerce.

Subscription Commerce

Under this, the customers pay some amount as subscription to get preferential access to difficult to attain products and services.

Gift Commerce

Customers can create their own category or wish list of products they would like to receive as gifts.

Group Commerce

In Group commerce, brands can giveaway exclusive Group deal offers attract and stimulate fan engagement on their fan page.

Each of these categories will be individually covered in the following series of articles to help you get better acquainted with social commerce’s different facets.

Now, how social commerce can help businesses generate leads and win more customers?

Facebook Shop

Launched by Apps Mav, the Facebook Shop app allows you to literally ­sell-on-Facebook! Easy to install, use, and manage; the tool enables you to exhibit your products, and sell them directly from your Facebook Business Page.

Group Deal

Reach out to a larger audience Group Deal Facebook app. Using this app, you can offer great discounts to increase fan engagement and leads, which will eventually promote your brand or business. The app is easy to install and manage and can kick start the campaign within minutes of installation.

Instant Rewards

The best way to reward fans is by engaging them! Instant Rewards app by Apps Mav is centred on it, thereby creating superfast promotions and giveaways to keep fans engaged. You can generate more leads and convert your fans into loyal customers by giving away vouchers, coupons or discounts for interacting on your Facebook page.


An entrepreneur and digital marketing expert; Akash Malik is the founder (and _bills payer_) of Maverick Mav - a digital marketing agency which specializes in developing highly creative Facebook apps for effective social media marketing and Facebook marketing. He is also the Chief Social Networker for Apps Mav: the development arm of Maverick Mav, which helps businesses create a strong online presence via social contests, social gamification, and social commerce. After working with Reuters (the world's largest news and financial information company) in Europe, Australia and India gave him a fantastic exposure across cultures and often complex business processes & products. According to him, “_Digital and Social media marketing are a blessing for any business to effectively market and measure their growth_!”