Tool Spotlight: Tool Review: ThoughtBuzz

As our Tool under Spotlight for this month, we present to you Thoughtbuzz Challenge, an Interactive social media management tool which has been launched by Thoughtbuzz, a Singapore based creative digital agency, with office in Delhi, Mumbai, Singapore, Jakarta, Manila, Guangzhou, Kuala Lumpur and operations in Asia and USA. & Social Media Agency that has been in the industry since 2005.

As brands evolve their social media strategies and move towards data driven marketing, the evolution of analytics tool has been an interesting scenario to watch. From paid to the free ones, these tools have evolved in their offerings, quality of data mined, UI/UX and even costing.

Brand managers and agency professionals have always looked at the aforesaid parameters to choose the best tool suited for their need. Today, I will be reviewing the tool ThoughtBuzz to help brand and agency professionals understand how they can work with it.

Based out of Singapore, ThoughtBuzz has been around since 2009 has worked with some of the big names in the industry such as Toyota, P&G Olay, LIC, Myntra etc.

The Dashboard

The first thing I noticed about ThoughtBuzz was its ability to collate data from all the social media profiles present at different platforms and showcase it on a single dashboard. Thus, saving a lot of time switching between platforms and profiles.

Currently, the tool helps you track profiles in the following platforms:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. YouTube
  4. Instagram

While many brands have adopted Instagram as a communication, very few tools allow you to track your performance there. In this context, ThoughtBuzz seems to be ahead of its competitors.

Apart from trends and weekly/monthly charts, the dashboard will also give you post-wise analytics to help you analyze your content strategy and understand which kind of updates are performing well for you.

thoughtbuzz 4

thoughtbuzz 3


I found the interface user friendly and clean. There are different sections where you can check your notifications, conversations, analytics and influencers (more on that later).


The information shared within these sections are easy to understand which makes it easy for any analyst to derive insights. The Facebook Analytics dashboard might look similar to Facebook Insights but only the useful charts are shown. So you can see trends and data charts that are not as complex as Insights.

thoughtbuzz 1

The design is also easy on the eyes and uncluttered, and at no point you will be overwhelmed. I have always come across tools that throw out a lot of data which clutters the interface; in contrast, this is a breath of fresh air.

Moreover, the tool is completely optimized for mobiles. So whatever charts and trends you see on your laptop, you can view them seamlessly on your handheld device as well. You don’t need to download any apps.


ThoughtBuzz has realized that brands and agencies are focusing more on influencer marketing and relations management; so they help you not only to identify influencers but also connect with them.


Based on the interactions of your fans with your community, the tool helps you identify those who are the most loyal to you and also your critics. By filtering and segregating them, you can build strong relations with them. This, in turn, will motivate them to spread the word about you; alternately, you can invite them for your next influencer campaign.


The tool suits wide range of customers: from free to premium and enterprises. As it is always, the features offered are incremental as you pay more: $5/mo for premium and $125/mo for enterprises. If you are someone who is looking to the test the tool and its efficacy, I would suggest you to try out their free plan.

Thereafter, it will make sense for you to move up the plans as your requirements increase. If you have multiple people tracking your analytics, you might also need to add workflows feature, which will cost you.

Scope for Improvement

I found that the tool took quite a while to load the up the data once I added my profiles. May be it was the amount of information, but I feel it shouldn’t take more than few minutes.

They should also look at covering other crucial platforms like LinkedIn and Pinterest as well.

Wrapping Up..

A clean look and easy navigation makes it very easy to use. You don’t have to look around much for insightful data. The tool is robust and helpful for any analyst – be it an expert, intermediate or a beginner. I would suggest you to give it a shot, at least with the free plan, and see it how it fits in your analytics plan.