IndiaMART Keeps Audiences Hooked With ‘Aaram Ki Tune’ Campaign Revealing Irrfan Khan As Brand Ambassador

IndiaMART, an online marketplace reveals Irrfan Khan as the face of their brand. Their recent #AaramKiTune campaign has been spread across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Youtube & radio till date. The campaign rolled out with a pre-buzz of contests across social media platforms & radio, asking their online as well as offline community to participate & tell the brand what their idea of #AaramKiTune is.  Is this an attempt by IndiaMART to showcase how easy it is for potential buyers to make a purchase on their platform? Let’s see.


•    To increase brand outreach via all social media platforms.

•    To build the curiosity of fans & keep them hooked throughout the campaign.

•    To position IndiaMART as a platform where interested customers can make easy purchases, as easy as humming one’s favorite tune.

Positives Of Involving Brand Ambassadors In Campaigns:

While the audiences have now become well aware of traditional ways of marketing their products and services both online and offline, it is way more difficult to break through the clutter & stand out as a sheer winner. In such a scenario, brands resort to using brand ambassadors as a method to reach out seamlessly to a wider audience.  

Well, mostly the attributes / qualities of a celebrity used in a particular campaign are associated directly or subtly with the product or service being offered. The brand automatically gains more eye-balls than it otherwise would with the help of a celebrity figure. And when you see Irrfan Khan, an actor of that calibre, the level of credibility is even more. The engagement levels shoot up even higher. 

Irrfan Khan revealed as the face of ‘Aaram Ki Tune’ campaign on Facebook & Twitter –

FB - Face of Irrfan Khan


Integrated Marketing Approach:

Covering both the online & radio space has been a smart move by IndiaMART in reaching out to maximum audience. Considering the fact that most of us humm to our favorite tunes, sometime or the other, the campaign manages to successfully bank on that fact & creates a buzz amongst the audience. IndiaMART does not leave radio as a marketing platform untapped. It invites people to win exciting prizes every hour, the brand urges the listeners on radio too, to participate in the #AaramKiTune campaign.

Closing Thoughts –

This campaign seems to be quite quirky & catchy in its initial phase. The construction of the entire campaign carefully looks at engaging the audience at a personal level where the brand asks what is it that relaxes their senses. And by revealing the face of Irrfan Khan, there is way more excitement built through the campaign where the audience is eager to know what’s next in store for them. It will be rather intriguing to witness how the audiences react & are hooked on as the multiple teaser phases of the campaign unfold.