Top 3 Flipkart Controversies On Social Media

We witnessed several goof-ups from famous E-Commerce sites like Flipkart and Snapdeal. Flipkart was the people’s favorite when they came up with the  #BigBillionDay, but Flipkart on the other hand couldn’t deliver and disappointed it’s customers all around. Now a new video has surfaced on Facebook uploaded by Adarsh Anandan who had ordered for a  pendrive but what he got in his delivery was utterly shocking. The Facebook video shows the box being delivered to the customer and the customer asking the Flipkart delivery guy to open the package for him. After opening the box the Flipkart rep gets shocked to see the empty box.This Flipkart customer claims to be the victim of such an incident for the third time.


Take a closer look at 3 weird controversies stirring trouble for Flipkart this year.   

  1. The Empty Box Saga

Adarsh Anandan from Mysore, who had ordered a pen-drive from Flipkart  was taken for a ride and duped not once but THRICE. After receiving empty boxes on the first two instances, Adarsh decided to let the delivery guy himself open it and video-record it in the form of evidence if incase he would be getting duped again.

Well, if you’ve watched the video you know how surprised the Flipkart delivery guy and the customer was. #flipkart or #fraudkart you decide.Untitled

Twitter was also buzzing with reactions from people who might been at the receiving end of Flipkart’s poor & shocking service.




  1. Fake Instagram a/c

If you like winning Gift cards and coupons for online shopping you must’ve noticed shopping portals like Flipkart, Forever21 and Amazon offering you a 100$ gift coupon if you Follow them on Instagram. Not just follow them, for you to be able to win the Gift Card you have to repost and tag them and in 48 hours they will drop in a DM (Direct Message). Too good to be true, right?

Well, sorry to say these a/c’s are fake have already succeeded in scamming almost a majority of people by asking them to follow these dummy accounts wanting to win Gift cards. Flipkart is one of the names who’s fake a/c is being misused to lure customers into a scam.

These tactics on social media done by anyone can potentially ruin Flipkart’s online presense especially if a brand like Flipkart has no hand in it whatsoever. However, one might wonder whether these tactics are adopted by competitors to defame Flipkart or it might be done by Flipkart themselves to gain followers on Instagram. Hard to figure out for now.



  1.  #BigBillionDay

The biggest flop in Flipkart history which turned their company name into a Twitter trend #flopkart. The frustation and restlessness on Flipkarts big billion sale was apparent on social media as irate customers were fed up of Flipkart’s site not opening up.

Other issues included price changes, out-of-stock issues,cancellations and so on. To add salt to their wounds, Amazon bought the domain name which would redirect customers to their site. A flop day indeed for Flipkart. They did not see this coming and should’ve played their cards right.



Facebook trolling had to happen for something as major as this



Although after this huge fiasco, Flipkart sent an apology mail to every customer registered with their site explaining their side of the story. Other brands can surely take notes from Flipkart’s flurry of fiasco’s and invest in good social CRM for damage control in the future.



It is yet to be seen how Flipkart will solve the empty box saga story!