Happy Ending Social Media Review: Movie Promotions Meet Matchmaking App Tinder

It was the return of the Rom Com King in the form of character ‘Yudi’. Remember Dil Chahta Hai, Hum-Tum, Salaam Namaste and Cocktail? Here’s another one to add to your list; Yesteryears Comedy officer Govinda’s Happy Ending! To give you a head start, Happy Ending is a movie where Casanova writer Saif Ali Khan (aka Yudi) is a commitment-phobic lover of the female gender in general. The movie that follows is a display of how this tale of a philanderer unfolds. The budding most form of marketing in the present day – Social Media and the digital world had a lot to say and do around this. Here’s how it was all orchestrated.


The main objective if the Social Media campaign around Happy Ending wasn’t simply of a branding exercise wherein a new movie release was to be reached out to Bollywood lovers alike. It was establishing a connect between the personalities of the protagonists of the movie with digital media. That’s exactly where Tinder – the online match making app made its perfectly-timed match making appearance.


It all started 3 days before the launch of the movie where Facebook posts and tweets were directed to the followers on the recently created digital property of Happy Ending on Facebook and Twitter.

A ‘to be noted’ about this specific campaign would be the absence of the stereotypical ‘contests’ mechanism on social media.

What did happen though was an announcement of the live profiles of Yudi (Saif Ali Khan) and Aanchal (Ileana C’rux) the leads of the film on the app Tinder.

What is Tinder?

Tinder is like shaadi.com for the youth only nothing like shaadi.com. Here matches to get married aren’t made. Matches to have fun on the other hand take centre stage as the core feature and function of the app.

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Keeping this core function of the app and Saif-Ali-Khan’s character Yudi’s personal traits in mind, this digital setup a ‘perfect match’.

happy endinghappy ending 2


Moving on, the idea was to match-make just like the characters in the movie sought out to do.

Within a span of just 24 hours over 100 matches were made. All of which sparked conversations with the matched profile and here’s what it all looked like.

Things to keep in mind: Aanchal and Yudi are both writers. They’re also both single.


happy ending 3 happy ending 4 happy ending 5







happy ending 7 happy ending 8

And that’s how Happy Ending stuck a chord with the urban youth and maybe slipped in a few dating tips and tricks too.

This could also be seen as a move to rope in the most appropriate target audiences who would love to gain some inspiration watching a movie where matches are made and that too with a Happy Ending. Some motivation that is!

The movie on Social Media made use of a match making app in an exercise which was a first of its kind in this space, another point to be noted again!

To maintain a good balance Happy Ending spearheaded by entertainment giant Eros Now, also embellished it’s Facebook page with Happy Ending’s posters taking advantage of  the pages already existing Bollywood movie lovers community.

happy ending 9


The sole contention of Tinder is that it is a marketplace for commitment-phobic teens and 20-somethings who follow the principle of “I’m only here to make friends, and maybe more”. The strategy on social media thus manoeuvred through the reigns of Bollywood lovers and fanatics efficiently reached out to the right kind of people, so 10/10 for Targeting!

The brand recall value in such a campaign is evidently high as multiple parameters contribute to it:-

  1. Heavily precise targeting through Tinder
  2. Demand supply match fulfilment – in terms of inspiration gained form the movie
  3. Real-Time conversations
  4. Brand connect with the central idea of the product – i.e. Happy Ending, the movie.

Scope for Improvement

Being picky for such a well-thought out campaign would seem to be a bit unfair but a few things worth highlighting.

The infamous ‘buzz’ that everyone in the social media world keeps talking about around the launch of the profiles could have been played up. A few more Facebook posts targeted to fans of Bollywood as well and a little ad spend on these individual messages about the launch of something that will be a sure shot ‘match maker’ could have been worked out.

Not necessarily a twitter contest but just a little more on the outreach front.


Could it then be said that the profiles of Yudi and Aanchal going live could have caused the creation of many new Tinder accounts and the inflow of more Tinder match finders? Hard to calculate but it can be said that of the ones who were a part of the campaign arguably did have a Happy Ending!

PS: Have you spoken to your Yudi/Aanchal yet?


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