[Infographic] What Happens in a Twitter Minute

When it comes to social media marketing on Twitter, every second counts. Each tweet, retweet and share is monitored by brand managers and strategists for optimal reach and engagement. Therefore, it is vital to understand and analyze what happens at every single minute on Twitter. While it’s not possible to track each and every user, it is possible to gauge cumulative responses and activities of Tweeps.

Did you know that 347,222 tweets are sent each and every minute on Twitter?

Here’s a fact in just 60 seconds, 108 new accounts are created. There’s more, 1,458,333 Twitter search engine queries are performed, 4,398 unique site visits are generated, $1,744 is earned in advertising revenue and 700 video links are shared.

Incredible for a platform that limits everybody to 140 characters or less.

Check the visual below for an eye-opening look at what happens in a Twitter minute.

twitter minute

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