Twitter 101: Everything a Fresher Needs to Know About Twitter Marketing

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Twitter 101: Everything a Fresher Needs to Know About Twitter Marketing

If you are here, you probably are a newbie who’s looking to learn the basics of using Twitter.

Twitter is a social media platform where users can share thoughts, news, information & jokes. Users follow each other in order to keep a tab on conversations from those people who they look up to. It might be complicated at the start, but knowing these basics will get you tweeting in no time!

1. How to Create Engaging Tweets

Do you find it challenging to say what you want to say in just 140 characters before the moment passes you by? If you want to know how to keep your followers interested, simply read this article to know!

2. 30 Ways of Using Twitter

Now that you’ve finally joined the twitter bandwagon, I’m sure your next question is, “What do I do here?” Let me tell you, Twitter is more than just a social networking platform; you can get real time news, promote your talent, gain support for a cause and much, much more. Check out 30 ways of using twitter to find out!

3. 8 Twitter Hashtags That Are Really Helpful

#hotselfie, #chocolateisdivine, #lonelyme is for teenage girls only. Grow up!

When you’re done checking out these inane hashtags, take a look at these 8 twitter hashtags that are informative instead, and get more out of Twitter.

4. How to Participate in Twitter Chats

Do you feel left out of discussions on trending topics? Well only if you knew how to participate in twitter chats you wouldn’t be! So the next time there’s a hot topic, you don’t have to hold back your opinions.

5. How to be Good and Effective on Twitter

Well, you’ve probably got a hang of voicing yourself in 140 characters by now. But how do you maximize your reach on twitter without being an annoying self-promoter? Check out our list of do’s and don’ts to be a good and effective tweeter.

6. Types of Contests on Twitter

A lot of brands and businesses are now using contests on Twitter as a means to engage with their audiences. And why not? Contests are such a fun way to market a brand. Check out this article to know the many types of contests out there that could help your brand grow by leaps and bounds.

7. How to Plan for a Successful Contest on Twitter

If you’re thinking about capitalizing on contests for your brand too, why not check out our handy guide to planning a successful Twitter contest?

8. Hot Tips for Running a Successful Twitter Contest

While you’re at it, you might as well check out these carefully compiled tips on running a contest that are guaranteed to make it a success!

9. How to Amplify the Reach of Your Twitter Contests

Holding a contest on Twitter is now child’s play. Make sure your contest reaches maximum Tweeple by following these simple pointers. Read this article to find out now.

10. Showcasing 5 Rotational Curation Accounts in India

Twitter recreates itself each day. Tweeple come up with ideas and activities that become an integral part of Twitter. Aquaint yourself with one such idea that has now become an integral part of the twitter universe.

We know you’ll thank us once you’re done reading this list, and ready to take off on Twitter!

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