[Interview] Roshan Kunder, Online Marketing Manager – Baggit, On Brand’s Social Media Strategy

Roshan Kunder_Online Marketing Manager_BaggitWe interviewed Roshan Kunder, Baggit’s Online Marketing Manager, to understand their social media marketing tactics and the functioning of their E-Commerce team who connect with their customers.

Mr. Kunder goes on to elaborate how Baggit has always been associated with stylish women and fashion.

In this interview, Mr.Kunder also shares more details on how they measure the efficiency and success of their campaigns and also why they are closely associated with PETA.

1. How important is social media marketing for a lifestyle brand like yours?

In today’s tech savvy world, the online and digital space is a very important aspect of a marketing plan. It adds tremendous value to a lifestyle brand. More and more customers prefer to shop online as smart phones and shopping portals become more accessible and consumer friendly. Keeping this in mind we have a strong in-house e-Commerce team at Baggit which handles all aspects of social media marketing. Also it helps us to understand what my customers are interested in and how they behave. Social Media provides us with an opportunity to increase brand engagement and allows direct interaction with the customers.

2. What is your content strategy for your brand? What are the key messages you work with and what are the attributes you want your customers to associate with your brand?

Originating as a handbag brand, fashion is a core 360 degree marketing message we always stress on and deliver to our consumers. We always speak about the latest fashion trends and handbag styles that suit different outfits and occasions, enabling them to associate and relate with our brand.

Also, we run different style contests for our consumers like, click a stylish selfie with a Baggit bag, style diva contest, aligned with the motive of the brand, which eventually provides them an opening to the fashion world and keeps them engaged.

The attributes we want our consumers to associate with baggit are fashion, good design, crafted for women, trendy and variety.

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3. Tell us about some of your recent campaigns which support your content strategy for the brand?

Recently, we have a campaign called win a ticket to fame to coincide with the release of the movie Bang-Bang! This was to promote our association with the movie via the contest. The month long contest started from 4th of September to 28th September across relevant social media platforms from Baggit. Eg., Facebook, You Tube. The contest entailed consumers to buy a Baggit bag or wallet and get a chance to win your ticket to fame along with it. The scratch card was designed like a movie ticket.

You could win interesting goodies, Bang Bang movie merchandise and diva-sque gratification including meeting Katrina Kaif, living like a star and being invited to a star studded premier of the movie! We had an awesome response.

4. Do FB campaigns work for your brand? How often do you make use of this?

Yes, Facebook campaigns have worked for Baggit in Building awareness, Customer Engagement, to launch our latest collections, invite our fans for events such as Lakme fashion week and most importantly to get traffic on www.baggit.com which eventually helps in direct sales.

Facebook has become an important part of our marketing campaign, hence, Baggit prepares a Monthly Calendar plan one month prior to the execution, which consists of around 15 to 20 Posts a month.

5. How do you plan your marketing budgets? How much of the budget in the year is allocated to social media?

Baggit was one of the first fashion brands on Facebook. and it is a critical part of the marketing mix. Since social media plays a vital role in changing the lives of different consumers, around 10% of the budget goes into digital marketing.

6. Does feedback from your clients on your products via social media affect the way you design your products?

We follow international trends to design our products and launch our new collections, but yes, feedback’s from our customer do matter, and we consider the relevant ones in our monthly meetings

7. How has marketing on Instagram helped push your products?

The basic rules of selling on Instagram are different; it is not a platform to publish links to your eCommerce site, pump products through advertorial copy, or push sales, it is a place to exploit the clean influence of photos. But of course, it is not enough to simply post or gather Instagram content, it is vital for a brand to respond to the users who submit a photo using the brand’s hashtag or by tagging the brand name to maintain the relationship between consumer and brand real.

8. Do customers online acknowledge your support to PETA?

Yes absolutely, consumers today are very much aware about the concept of cruelty free brands. Apart from being fashion conscious, today consumers are also conscious about using environmental friendly products. Our cruelty free materials last longer and are hassle free to maintain. This is feedback that consumers have shared with us on social media. That’s why we have been awarded by well known organizations like PETA under various categories making us the top favorite brand among the Indian consumers.

9. Do you work with fashion bloggers? What has your experience been with them?

We work selectively with fashion bloggers and only when it is a strategic fit for us to promote event or a stule or a collection with a blogger.

10. How do you measure the efficiency of your campaigns? Do you have tools to measure how successful your campaign has been?

In digital we measure Views, Followers, Engagement, and Conversion of our campaign. We use a couple of tools like Google Analytics & Power Editor to measure the success of our campaign.

11. Who manages your social media for you? How does your internal team make working with an external agency so seamless?

At Baggit we prefer to have an in-house team that works towards effective digital marketing. To ensure that it is an effective team, Baggit provides the necessary support by various means such as processes, training, buddy-system etc. so that the team can enhance their existing skills. Baggit also makes it possible for us to interact with the industry experts by sending its team to conferences and also inviting experts from other brands to talk to us.


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