10 Pickup Lines to Be Avoided on Tinder: #9 is Hilarious!

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10 Pickup Lines to Be Avoided on Tinder: #9 is Hilarious!

There is no denying that there is power in a witty one-liner and it takes great skill to pull it off to impress someone in person. But on Tinder you get to choose from a variety of pickup lines, so it doesn’t matter if a certain one-liner doesn’t work for you as you can always shuffle to another one using the app Tickup for Tinder.

Its never good to use bad pickup lines on your crush but if even you have to, avoid using these creepy and cheesy pickup lines to impress your crush. We’ve already given you 10 pickup lines that will help you win a match on Tinder, now check out these hilarious pickup lines which should be avoided on Tinder.

Take a look at these funny lines here.

1. Okay so we get it that you’re totally into this girl and you have already stalked her Facebook page a trillion times, but hey showing up to her house uninvited? She might just calls the cops on you.


2. Maybe you’ve been listening to Rihanna too much, but you if you found love on Tinder just by swiping through his picture? That’s true love right there! Just kidding, get out of your fantasy, put down your phone and go meet people out there and get to know them.


3. This pickup line is amateur at its best. Sure it will work for you if you try it out on a fifteen year old.  Step up your game people.


4. Wow! A Potterhead spotted. Alright so you found a girl who’s as hot as Emma Watson and you would let her handle your wand any day. But If you want to really impress her, you have to try a different line because chances are she has already heard all of those over-used pick up lines before.


5. This line clearly says “Il do whatever you want me to do, honey.” She might probably like your direct approach or you’ll probably scare her away. Either ways this pick up line is weak and wouldn’t work.


6. You already know you’ve had hard luck connecting with people on Tinder, but why are you letting him/her know that nobody swiped to the heart on your picture. Stay calm, play it cool and don't come across as a desperate person.


7. Alright this is some smooth Casanova stuff right here! If she has heard this “Angel from Heaven” thing a million times or watched it in a chic flick, chances are it wouldn’t impress her that much bro.


8. This person is so desperate , that he doesn’t actually care how good looking you are . This person is in denial-mode and wants nothing but a hook-up while making the opposite sex (mostly a female) believe that they’ll live in a large castle and make royal babies.


9. Fruits are great for your health, but comparing a pineapple to the person you fancy might not go down well with them. Avoid using this line no matter how hot, sweet, sour, athletic, fit or fine of a pineapple she might be.


10. Basically what this line means is “Would you be easily impressed by a cheesy and possibly naughty pickup line?  Or do I have to work hard to impress you with my conversational skills before you fall in love with me?“ People like being swept off their feet, so try maintaining an element of surprise and avoid this line.


Well, there you have it folks! Pickup lines to be avoided on Tinder. Now, If you’ve come across any more weird and cheesy pickup lines which should be avoided, please do share with us in the comments section.

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