Social Media Agency Feature: Frog Ideas

Who are we?

We’re FrogIdeas, a Gurgaon–based, multi-award winning digital agency, with a key focus on end-to-end digital strategy and execution. Within the first 24 months of inception, we’ve managed to secure a portfolio of key accounts across sectors, ranging from big players to start-ups. We’ve also created quite a stir in the Indian as well as international digital space, with one of our campaigns, #CoolestInterviewEver, an end-to-end recruitment campaign on Twitter, for HCL Technologies, that led to us to win several prestigious awards. These included the prestigious DMA International Echo Awards and the AIMA awards. We were also nominated in two categories for the Mashies, the International awards by Mashable, that recognize marketing excellence globally.

FrogIdeas is the brainchild of Jatin Modi, a 4X Entrepreneur with in-depth experience in starting and growing young organizations, and Ankit Bhatia, a former marketing & strategy consultant having worked with the likes of Unilever, Paris & Jollibee Food Corporation, Philippines.

What differentiates us from agencies in the market, is that while creativity is our forte, we’re equally if not more, strategy and business-led. We believe that the goal of digital media is not only to drive brand awareness, but also to drive bottom line impact. This means we’re not service providers for our clients, rather their digital partners, where we employ digital media as the platform in meeting our client’s overall marketing & strategic goals and objectives, thus adopting the ‘bigger-picture’ approach.

What’s in the name?

At FrogIdeas, we like to think of the Internet as a marsh, which can be tricky to navigate if you’re not well prepared. And who are the creatures that can successfully navigate the marsh? Frogs!

Our team’s a bunch of passionate, energetic minds, with the expertise, the enthusiasm and the energy to create ground-breaking work that has so far impressed and astounded our clients. And we’re always looking to associate with minds that are curious, innovative and willing to go out of the ordinary!
What we do?
We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to formulate end-to-end digital strategies, with an ultimate aim of creating category leading digital presence through a FrogIdeas conceptualized, crafted and executed online strategy covering all digital media services.

Our revenue-generation and business led approach to digital has found success with clients, where we become digital partners, working closely with our clients to help them achieve their business goals by incorporating digital.

Our portfolio involves a plethora of services including
-Social Media Marketing
-Mobile Marketing
-Search and analytics
-Email Marketing
-Content Marketing
-Media buying
-Social Selling
-Digital Identity Management

Why we do it?

Driven by passion and a love for the Internet, we’re convinced that the future is digital. And that digital media has great potential as a powerful marketing, communication and revenue-generating avenue.
And also because we’re not convinced with the way and pattern in which digital marketing is done in India. While brands in India have realized the potential of digital media, there is still a dearth of agencies that truly understand that digital media is not a platform to be used as a promotional advertising tool, rather as a tailored experience as part of a successful inbound marketing engine to create sustainable revenue and brand building.

To our minds, the secret to any great marketing is no accident. Take guesswork out of your marketing, that’s our mantra!

How we evolve?

There’s never a dearth of ideas, when you’re at FrogIdeas. We’ve never believed in the ‘cubicle and cabin’ culture here, and we never will. We sit on long tables that encourage a flat structure when it comes to working closely, team coordination, ad decision-making. Every ‘frog’ is a crucial member of the team, someone who brings a unique set of value, thoughts & views to the table

Regular training with industry experts, flexible work hours, complete autonomy, delegated decision-making, the opportunity to work on projects of choice, an informal work culture, and chance to create globally visible campaigns regardless of experience – all of these practices are inbuilt in our culture here, and they all work in synergy to create a culture of excellence.
Social responsibility in social media

So far, we’ve worked extensively on CSR initiatives via social media, as homegrown initiatives, as well as for our existing clientele in adapting their CSR efforts to digital & social media.

Tweet-a-Rupee, a social-media initiative we’re incredibly proud of, was a Twitter-based fundraising campaign we ran, to increase awareness and raise funds for the Uttarakhand flood victims in 2013. This received notable attention; our campaign raised a sizeable amount for the flood victims and was also featured in leading publications of the country.

Currently, we’re also in the process of developing one of the country’s biggest ever CSR campaigns for a client.

Need of the hour

At present, a majority of brand & marketing managers still view digital as a marketing and advertising platform, they don’t necessarily believe in its power to function as a medium to drive sustainable business growth.

From a content perspective, we also see that a lot of times, marketers tend to bombard their audiences with sales-driven content rather than engaging content designed to build a long-term relationship with the audiences.

The need of the hour is thus a thorough understanding of how digital marketing & strategy is closely integrated with business, along with creation of tailored content, designed keeping the target audience in mind.

We learned the hard way

Oh, too many lessons. And only learning more with each passing day!

We’ve learnt that when you’re working with a client, there’s absolutely no substitute for great client servicing and relationship management. Since your client trusts you with their brand and that you’ll take it to the next level using digital media, it is imperative you maintain their confidence, faith and trust in you.

We’ve also come to understand the importance of hiring top talent, especially at a work place where we don’t consider our team members as regular employees, rather as intra-preneurs, with each person having the autonomy and freedom to pick and execute projects and tasks in a manner as they see fit. Over time, we’ve come to appreciate how crucial it can be to ensure that every person who joins us not only has the talent, but also the attitude, the mindset and the hunger to succeed. We’ve learnt that with the right guidance, support and freedom, a well-rounded team can be any company’s strongest asset.

Did we just share that?

What happens at FrogIdeas, stays at FrogIdeas!

They work with us

Our clients range across industries & sectors, which include telecom, IT, Mobile handsets, consumer electronics, beauty, e-commerce, lifestyle, real-estate and hospitality, to name a few.

Industry as we foresee

In the near future, we foresee a dramatic shift from push, outbound-marketing to inbound marketing, with social media emerging as an intrinsic, unavoidable part of any marketing effort, becoming a critical storytelling, communication and engagement platform for any brand.

We also foresee digital media becoming a key business-generation avenue , with companies allotting a key part of their budget to digital, designing content, campaigns & programs exclusively for digital and social platforms.

A day without Internet

We would have to go on strike, demanding our first love, the Internet to be brought back. And we’d all be miserable because we love our work!

Lastly, are you hiring?