Social Media Agency Feature: Value 360 Communications – a Full Service Agency

Who are we?

Value 360 Communications is one of the fastest growing PR, Media and Marketing Communications Agencies in India offering expertise based solutions in PR, Media Relations, Image Management, Corporate Communication, Crisis Communication, Events, BTL, Celebrity Management and Engagement, Digital and Internet marketing. The agency has been in existence since 2003 with the Digital Department being set up in 2011.

The team comprises a bunch of creative and animated individuals who are always on the lookout for spunky campaign ideas.

What’s in the name?

The term ‘Value’ refers to the importance, worth or usefulness of something. And we try our level best to add that ‘value’ to our client’s brand. Moreover, brand communication has several aspects. Covering all of them, we provide our clients a 360 degree integrated communications service.

Therefore, the name – VALUE360 Communications.

What we do?

We assist our clients in increasing their brand awareness, consumer connect and engagement. We enhance and amplify their actions in the online market through various services:

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Search Engine Marketing
  3. Search Engine Optimisation
  4. Website Designing
  5. App Development
  6. Campaign Ideation and Execution

Why we do it?

Having a successful portfolio of clients for traditional PR, we realized that the industry has evolved with new demands and requirements. Brands today need integrated marketing communication with a presence in the online and digital space. Today the reputation of a brand is not created by its marketing team but by the consumer who is talking about these brands in the new age social media environment.The future of brands lies in creating a digital image and this is where we come in. We try creating the right mix of listening and engaging the target audience thus aiming to create better brand reputation.

How we evolve?

The trends in Social Media are constantly changing and there is no end to learning. The evolution process continues with newer platforms and features being added to the online space every now and then. We are investing in right training and technology implementation to keep ourselves abreast with the ever changing social media. The communication is becoming multi-dimensional with text, graphic and visual communication all becoming important for the brands to reach their varied target audience. We are working on creating a right balance in terms of team infrastructure to be able to create content across all platforms –textual or visual.

Social responsibility in social media

Just like corporate social responsibility is imperative in the real world, creating a social welfare program in the digital world cannot be missed out on. A brand needs to be transparent about its CSR activities, especially when it is carried out on social networking platforms.

Additionally, the agency needs to ensure that accurate and clear information is being imparted to the audience. There should be no fabrication and users must not be misguided.

Need of the hour        

The social media space is a canvas for creativity, humor and out of the box marketing techniques. However, that does not mean that there is scope for illegal or derogatory activities. We hope agencies and brands understand that soon, even without a law being put into place. Furthermore, it is crucial to respect as well as be ethical about the freedom available in the online space.

We learnt the hard way

There is so much information available on the web with regards to social media marketing, and clients nowadays spend considerable time reading such pieces. In such a situation, adding value to their marketing strategies and creating a brand connect in the online space in a manner that is exceptional is a challenge. Clients come up to us saying “The engagement rate is exceptional but we’ve still not sold enough units. When will we see sales and investors coming in?”

For an agency, it is important to be thorough with every update regarding marketing techniques employed on social media. Before the client comes up with their discussion on ROI, the agency must be ready with statistics, facts and figures proving their efforts.

Did we just share that?

We handled the account of a political party in South India during elections. And the biggest challenge on our platter was the language. We had instances wherein we used Google Translate with the Telugu script and when the image was sent to the client for approval, the client asked us to change certain words. You can imagine how mind-boggling it was for a Delhi based agency to understand the below script and adopt changes that were requested.


They work with us

We’ve serviced clients from several domains – Education, Technology, Hospitality, Beauty, Lifestyle, Fashion and Automobile. Not just that, we have also been associated with several events, and celebrity image management projects for:

  1. Hero Electric
  2. CRPF Half Marathon
  3. AnkitTiwari and ShefaliAlvares Concert
  4. HumaQureshi
  5. Telugu Desam Party
  6. Hammer
  7. Pollo Tropical India
  8. Le’Shamrock Irish Bar
  9. F-Secure
  10. Ozone Ayurvedics
  11. Entrance Prime
  12. AM.ME

And many more. .

Industry as we foresee

The digital industry is still in its introductory stage. A lot needs to be explored and a lot more will come in. Clients expect miracles overnight without understanding the restrictions and limitations of the medium. The number of users, platforms and agencies are growing and we are waiting for a lot more excitement and creativity in future.

A day without Internet

A day without the Internet is incomplete. It is like being handicapped. The Internet has emerged as a major source of communication. On a day like this, we are faced with a grave information lapse and can be seen scrambling for pen drives to transfer files. Basically, work comes to a halt, and we try to utilize this time brainstorming for campaign ideas and planning strategies for the future.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we are hiring on an ongoing basis and are always on the lookout for young talent with good understanding of the new age media.