Twitter Will Start Tracking Apps That You’ve Downloaded

Facebook isn’t the only social network trying to please its users with better target ads and content. Twitter on Wednesday revealed in a blog post, “We are collecting and occasionally updating the list of apps installed on your mobile device so we can deliver tailored content that you might be interested in“.


So this means that Twitter will begin tracking what other applications users have installed in their devices to change the user experience with regards to advertisements from brands. However users can opt out of this update if they do not wish to be a part of this feature from Twitter. The applications which Twitter users have installed on their phones and tablets will be used to garner better recommendations like who they might like to “follow” at the service, as well promoting ads for a specific target audience.

Some Twitter users might be annoyed by this update, but Twitter isn’t the only one who has tried to make improvements to their policies. Social network giant Facebook has notified every user about their new Terms & Conditions for 2015. One of them being tailor made ads and content for each user based on their likings and their Nearby Friends feature based on improved location settings.

However for Twitter users who wish to opt out of this update can follow these steps –

  1. For iOS users, you can turn off the updated feature before you’ve even received a notification just by simply turning on the “Limit ad tracking” setting on your iOS devices.
  2. For Android users, the “Opt out of interest based-ads” setting will turn off the feature even before it gets activated for your a/c.
  3. If you cannot figure out if it’s been already activated for your a/c or not, go to the Twitter app on your device. Click on Your Account settings and look for the Tailor Twitter based on my apps” checkbox. If it’s not present, then the feature hasn’t been enabled on your account yet.

The app update will roll out on  iOS users primarily and later for Android users probably in the next week .