7 Ways Women-Oriented Brands Can Capture Interests Of Their TG On Social Media

For all the brands out there looking to attract female buyers, marketing just got easier – thanks to social media! And we give you 7 ways to do exactly that:

  • Fact: Women spend more and make more purchasing decisions than men do.adult-18774_640

Use social media to engage your female audience with content that informs them about new products and puts it across in a way that solves their problems.

  • Fact: Women are more likely to purchase from a brand they follow online.

Women use social media to connect with people on a personal level, so harness that behaviour by attempting to establish a bond with them before you try to sell them something.


  • Fact: Women love it when they have someone who pays them attention.

Make it personal – start a conversation, ask for feedback and give them a platform to voice their woes. See what they’re talking about, what’s important to them, empathize with their problems and try to respond appropriately.

  • adult-18945_640Fact: Women are more likely to tell their friends about a great product they just purchased.

Get your social media followers to write product reviews on social networking sites and share your posts as they are the most effective influencers out there.

  • Fact: One size doesn’t fit all.

Don’t try to use the ‘shrink it and pink it’ technique to get to women. Don’t stereotype, and don’t generalize. Use social media to send out empowering messages that make women feel good about themselves. Don’t ever be patronizing and tell her what she should want or needs, remember only a woman can know what she wants.

  • Fact: At present, women outdo men when it comes to using social media.

To reach women, you need to know what social networking sites they use all day long. Plan a 360° marketing campaign so that your female audience is exposed to your messages more than just once.

  • Fact: Women love gifts!

Use social media to organize contests and give away prizes. Offer freebies and merchandize in return for publicity. Offer women who regularly interact with you on social media special store privileges and discounts. This will increase online traffic.

Lastly, we would like to say that even when using social media, attempt to speak to a woman as you would in real life to make her feel special, listen to her, answer her every question and she’s yours!

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