Who Else Wants to Customize Their Youtube Channel URL

YouTubers  wanting to  change their URL to match their channel name will soon have the ability to do so. If you came with your channel name quite randomly and that channel name doesn’t suit the purpose of your channel and videos, you can switch to a better channel name that suits you or your brand image.

The Google-owned company will allow YouTube creators  who are having more than 500 subscribers the option to customize their channel’s URL to reflect their brand and content and reach to the target audience with a wider engagement.

To make changes on the URL, creators have to resort to Creator Studio to create a new URL that matches their branding and videos. However, users still don’t get free choice over the name. YouTube will suggest possible alternatives to your URL which will be based on your channel’s description, Google identity and associated websites and also the advertisements.

youtube-custom-urlImage Source

Although YouTube is allowing you the options of your own specific URL, it will it based on certain factors like the creator’s username, display name or website. The requirements for your channel to be able to have a custom URL depends on the following  – the channel has to be more than 30 days old and have a channel art and also an image for the channel icon. Also the decision about the URL has to be final, as it can’t be altered again once it’s been set up.

It not might be the perfect solution for a customized URL, but it’s definitely better than sticking to URL that has no relation to your channel. This will allow better search capabilities within the Youtube community and help brands with better Youtube marketing.