Editor's Note: December 2014

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Editor's Note: December 2014

December has always been a special month for Social Samosa since we began our journey this month in 2011. #SSturns3 this month and is growing everyday with the industry and helping the community come together. Social Samosa has strived to establish benchmarks in the past 3 years and shown way to the industry.

Launched Social Samosa Lists

We launched this month, the encyclopedia of agencies and consultants operating in the social media space. The idea is to have multiple brands that read and comment on our content to have an easy access to industry resources. We receive emails quite frequently by brands asking us to suggest an agency to work with but since we are neutral, we cannot comment or advice. Therefore we identified this need and launched Social Samosa Lists.

Reasons to be on it:

  • Maintain your portfolio
  • Get access to brand eyeballs
  • Track your competitors.

You can sign up for it here.

What's up with content?

On the content front, we have graduated from publishing double the number of articles we generally do. In the mix of content that we create and the vast number of articles that we publish everyday, some pearls are being missed out by readers.

This month, I wanted to pick the best articles we have published this year and give you an easy access to the real quality content that we have always believed in. This list is a contribution from our internal team as well as the industry experts. You must already bookmark this page!

1. How, What and Why of a Social Media Command Centre. Read

2. The Science of Disruptive Technologies Within the Social Media Framework. Read

3. Social Commerce and The Social Moment of Truth (TSMOT) for Ecommerce Brands. Read

4. Why Social CRM is Important for Brands And How To Fit It in Your Strategy. Read

5. Social Media and Cybercrime: Is Your Social Life Really Private? Read

6. How Social Media has Shaped for Journalists Over the Years. Read

7. Good Content v/s High Spends: Which Drives the Digital Marketing ROI. Read

8. Why is the World Blaming the App Secret and Overlooking Their Own Inherent Darkness. Read

9. Techie Math: Video games + Social media = Brand Marketing Ok Teacher. Read

10. The Social Media Generation Gap & Why Marketers Should Pay Attention to It. Read

11. What Social Media Managers Today can Learn from ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’. Read

12. 21 Lessons Brands Can Learn From Amul’s Social CRM Approach. Read

13. Social Media and the Pleasure-Pain Principle of Human Behaviour. Read

14. Why Content is ‘Currency’ on Social Media. Read

15. 6 Reasons Why I Hate Zomato’s Social Media Content. Read

16. Will Social Today, be the Social of Tomorrow? Read

17. How to Derive Insights From Data Thrown by an Analytics Tool. Read

18. Cognitive Load Theory: A Different Approach towards Video Content Creation. Read

19. What is Experiential Marketing and How it can Help Brands Build Social Presence? Read

20. Bank on Facebook and Twitter: That’s How Much Banking has Evolved. Read

21. A Deep Look at the Hows & Whys Behind the Acquisition of Indian Digital Agencies. Read

22. How Brands Can Use the Platform of Instagram and Optimize Their Marketing. Read.

23. Thoughtful Insights on Social As a Business (SaaB): Thinking Beyond Social Media Campaigns. Read.

24. Customer Service and Social Media: Tools, Analytical Wealth and Brand Perception Decoded. Read.

25. How Does Electronic Media Look at Social Media as a Useful Tool to Leverage Branding. Read.

26. A Behind the Scenes Look at Building an Analytics Platform. Read.

27. Social Health, The New Frontier. Read.

28. A Social Media Marketers Guide to Creating Video Content. Read.

29. Communities v/s Social Networks = Relationships v/s Transactions? Read.

30. Identity Negotiations of Young Active Facebook Users: What Does it mean?. Read.

31. 103 Social Media Tools For Social Media Marketing Professionals. Read.

32. S.M.A.R.T. Business Goals: Listening Vs Hearing in Social Media. Read.

33. Comprehensive List of 231 Social Media and Digital Marketing Agencies in India. Read.

34. Can Facebook Talks Influence The Fate of India’s Politicians? Read.

35. Understanding Influence Networks And How It Can Help Your Social Media Strategy. Read.

36. Reasons to Believe that Influencer Marketing is Here to Stay. Read.


I assure you that this list is going to grow multi-fold in the coming months. Along with this, we will bring in fresh perspectives and trends in digital media that are emerging everyday. When you exhaust this list, we will have more for you!

Happy Reading!
  • Apeksha Harihar, Editor,

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