6 Reasons Why I Hate Zomato’s Social Media Content

I seem to have developed a very weird love-hate feeling towards Zomato. I love how useful the app is- how it simplifies my (and probably the whole generation’s) life. HOWEVER. Zomato’s social media? That’s a whole different story. I have come to absolutely despising it. Why, you ask? SIX. I have summed it up in six reasons. Read on.

1. The ideas

You know what they say about creative geniuses? It’s not about some big earth-shattering idea that shakes the very foundation of your existence. It’s the simple everyday clichés that are just amplified to level: 10,000. And every time I look at a creative on Zomato’s Facebook page, all I can think of is- “WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT?”


Look, don’t see. Drink coffee, not tea. (Revolutionary copy of the century)

2. The Timing

What’s genius without a bloody good watch? I mean, have you seen their sense of timing. It’s so effing accurate, it’s no longer funny.

Like that one time, when our social media timelines were only talking about Game of Thrones, and Zomato being Zomato just went ahead and made it about themselves.



Absolute frustration is coming.

3. The simplicity

On the shelf of all things beautiful, genius sits right next to simplicity. And Zomato owns that damned shelf. I think, a major chunk of their successful campaigns can be credited to the fact that they’re as simple as ‘the Tables of 1’. And a major reason why only they manage to do it, is because simplicity is a cliché most of us tend to shy away from. I mean honestly, how often have you thought of a good idea that’s just as simple, but tossed into the mental bin saying, “Nah. It’s too basic”?

Of course, you are.
Of course, you are.

4. The way they perceive their audience

“Idiot-proofing” is a concept that seems to run rampant and naked in the industry. Now, I don’t know how Zomato profiles their audience, but to me it seems that at least they don’t look at them as total idiots who can’t figure zilch. I’d like to think that they think of us as “Hey, if you’ve downloaded our app, you’re smart enough already.” Or maybe they’re just the kind of brand that gets the better part of the audience. Either way, when you’re talking to smart people, you talk smart fun content. It’s more like “Get it or leave it”, and the way they do it, it’s mostly “get it”, which is super cool.

See? You’re either TV-savvy, or you’re not. You either care about the EMMYS or you don’t. Get it or leave it.
See? You’re either TV-savvy, or you’re not. You either care about the EMMYS or you don’t. Get it or leave it.

5. They know how to make it about themselves

I spoke about this earlier. If there’s one thing that’s uber-impressive about any great campaign, it’s the element of surprise- about how smoothly you manage to turn something absolutely generic into something that’s all about your brand without looking even a little out of place. These guys are super-sneaky and super smooth. One minute they’ll be talking to you about all the things you love, the next minute they’ll leave you like “All the things I love IS Zomato.” Now look at this one- SO SMOOTH. Tell me you couldn’t help but go “WOAH.” When you saw it.

Bet my soul you didn’t see that coming.
Bet my soul you didn’t see that coming.

6. There’s something for everyone

There’s going to be at least one post that you can completely, truly, madly, wholly relate to. These people have us all figured out. I won’t be surprised to find out that they’ve hired pro-profilers. Their target profiling is impeccable. Their posts will make you feel like they have the entire generation figured out. Creativity will bring you the breakfast, but it is greater research that will make your page an “open for all buffet” (Okay, that may not have made much sense, but you get the drift).

No matter who you are, where you’re from... They will find you and they will relate to you.
No matter who you are, where you’re from… They will find you and they will relate to you.

To conclude and to sum up this long rant, if you’re looking for key lessons in creativity from Zomato, remember this:

  • Keep it simple yet stylish (funny works too).
  • LOOK AROUND YOU. (Seriously, guys)
  • Your audience is smarter than you think.
  • Amplify clichés.
  • Stay open for all.
  • Make your brand generic.


There are two kinds of people in the world: Zomato and Everybody Else.

I hate you, Zomato. You hold the secret to digital world domination.