6 Reasons Why I Hate Zomato’s Social Media Content

[tps_header]I seem to have developed a very weird love-hate feeling towards Zomato. I love how useful the app is- how it simplifies my (and probably the whole generation’s) life. HOWEVER. Zomato’s social media? That’s a whole different story. I have come to absolutely despising it. Why, you ask? SIX. I have summed it up in six reasons. Read on.[/tps_header]

1. The ideas

You know what they say about creative geniuses? It’s not about some big earth-shattering idea that shakes the very foundation of your existence. It’s the simple everyday clichés that are just amplified to level: 10,000. And every time I look at a creative on Zomato’s Facebook page, all I can think of is- “WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT?”


Look, don’t see. Drink coffee, not tea. (Revolutionary copy of the century)

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