Facebook Year-in-Review 2014: Indian General Elections Was Most Talked About Topic

Pondering over past life experiences that were wonderful and sometimes not so happy memories that have gone by over the year? Facebook takes a look back at the moments, places and people that moved us in 2014! To share this data Facebook has launched a website that gives us the Year in Review Data through an inspiring video. It encompasses the conversations of more than a billion people around the world. The video montage covers all the trending topics including the Ice Bucket Challenge which went viral, FIFA World Cup, the Ebola outbreak, the disappearance of the Malaysian aircraft etc. Facebook has not only been used as a social networking platform by people to discuss over trending topics & sensitive issues, but has also brought the world closer by spreading awareness. 2014 witnessed people getting together to support a cause!








Let’s have a look back at Facebook India 2014 Review – 

In addition to Facebook’s Global Topics Of The Year and Top Global Games of The Year, they have also released the Top 10 Most Talked About Topics and Top 10 Most Checked-In Places for many countries, including India. Quickly have a look.

Presenting the – ‘Most Talked-About Topics in India’

The topics included Alia Bhatt featuring in AIB Genius Of The Year video. Also making the list were IPL (Indian Premier League), FIFA World Cup and the much talked about General Elections aced the list of most talked-about topics in India. Check out the entire list given below by Facebook.




Most Checked-Into Places in India