Social Media's Contribution to Boost Lingerie Business in India

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Social Media's Contribution to Boost Lingerie Business in India

Nowadays, selling anything needs an online presence. Companies have their own website and social media presence, knowing that there is a market online. For most industries, it is easier to get customers online than to have them visit stores. It should not be a surprise that lingerie in India is one business which generates more leads and visitors online compared to a brick and mortar shop. On top of having a website and blog, the marketing reach is further extended with the use of social media.

Why do we say that? Here are few reasons:

  1. For Better SEO


Today's search engine optimization (SEO) strategies center around the blog. From the blog, links are created in various social media websites, and then these in turn create an interaction with their followers. This boosts the website rankings, increases the visitors to the site, and generates more sales leads and actual lingerie purchases. The simple reason behind this is that if you are “searchable” online, your potential buyers will be able to find you – and buy lingerie and other products from you.

Social media is all about reach, interaction and a continuing conversation. It can also be a way to give Indian women a chance to express themselves. Picture a society where women are not allowed to speak freely and buy the things that they want out in the open. Indian society is like that, but social media is giving them a way to find the things they want without people judging them.

For intimate apparel, online lingerie shopping generates more female visitors compared to the number of walk-ins that a shop generates. They are able to shop without anyone looking over their shoulder. In most instances, they can even browse the merchandise without leaving the social media site.

  1. Continuing Conversation


One concept of viral media which is often overlooked is the effect of the campaign even without large numbers. Indian women still share the media, video, music, image or blog articles to other people, like friends and family members, who would be interested in the media. Sharing links generates exposure to new visitors. By itself, blogging or social media site does not necessarily buy, nor contribute to the revenue. However, the new visitors might find something that they might also like to share – like a great lingerie buy or an awesome sale you’re having.

Additional comments add to the conversation, with every new share, there are more people who can be reached by the link. For visibility on social media, especially on Facebook, the new comments and sharing from female buyers keep the link on the timeline. With comments continuing to come in weeks after the link was posted, the link or media retains its position at the top of the user's timeline.

On Twitter, and Google+, popularly shared links are shared more often than others. Likes and shares contribute not only to more visibility on site, but also to credibility and influence of the original poster and those who shared the post.

Even social media websites can offer privacy and convenience to Indian women when it comes to online lingerie shopping. The links usually make their way to the internet users.

  1. Going into the Unknown


You can study your metrics and find out what links get shared by your followers. Popular links such as sexy lingerie photos, hot new designs, sexy costumes will be shared by Indian women more, and hopefully, these will also be shared by Indian women who have yet to follow your sites. Social media enables reaching out to these new visitors and getting them hooked on the products you are offering. You are not only creating more customers but virtual ambassadors for your brand that will do most of the promoting for you.

In a sense, social media becomes the great equalizer for Indian women. As they are not feeling comfortable when purchase lingerie out in the open. This is because sarcastic comments and fierce look that they can get from people around. Therefore online lingerie shopping is the only convenient avenue they have

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