Bengaluru Police Is Notably Progressing By Using Social Media In Its Operations

Aditya Bhatkal
Jan 29, 2015 05:31 IST
Bengaluru Police Is Notably Progressing By Using Social Media In Its Operations

In this post we reflect the imperativeness of Social Media to the Police department! Sound a little unfamiliar doesn’t it? Information dissemination and it playing a vital role is not only through the handles of Twitter influencers, Brands, Personalities and Politicians on the whole but also through the Khadi uniform cladded men always under the scanner and those always subject to public scrutiny – The Police!

Bengaluru, the Silicon valley of the Indian sub-continent shows distinctively why it’s called the silicon valley with its authoritative use of Social Media and the stats below will show you exactly how.

But before that, let’s take a look at the overseas Social Media world to see how proactive they are, and this by the way has come around in recent times; as recent as just a few months back.



A close look shows you how pro-active the followers are be it the Department of Homeland security, Ney York Police Department, Seattle, The FBI, The CIA etc.

An important point to be noted is a pattern in the international agencies’ use of Social Media and how they use Social Media strictly for information dissemination.



Unless it’s the CIA. They like having a go at the rib tickling method of information. Take a look.


And the best of the lot..


London on the other hand showed the cops in a different light; the humanitarian light where a personal touch was demonstrated.



On conducting a simple comparison it’s evident that the FBI overseas is way up there with regards to Social media engagement.



But that’s on the interanational front. What’s going own in our own country is a bit ahead of the rest.

Individual identities are given due credit and through them information about what is happening around the city area, announcements, captures etc are spoken about.

A very pertinent point, where not only the agency/respective police department as whole but even the individuals are given a platform to showcase the heavy burden that is being borne by the police.



Here’s M.N. Reddi Commissioner of Police and Abhishek Goyal DCP Crime Bengaluru in their element on Twitter.



The point here again states how information is given out pertaining to crime and developments around the city.

The Police is taking matters in their own hands even online and this stands to validate what the news agencies are talking about.

For that matter this could also pose a threat to news agencies as the police will be the first to break news of multiple instances and this is something news agencies strive to do.

The authenticity of the news coming from the police too is 100% and cannot be doubted.

And for that very reason the respect gained from the masses is very high-minded. Take a look


And because of this the visibility of the police in the eyes of locals has increased and that too at an increasing pace. This graph shows you exactly how.



Here’s presenting a testimony to that in the form of stats on the page.



So the Indian Silicon Valley has clearly held up its status of the technology hub of the country being one of the first set of people having a police department using digital media for its endeavours.

Another point worthy of a shout out is the ability to move with time, again a phenomenon that’s argued at large by people across this city.

Will this stand as an inspiration to other city’s to stand guard to social media? Highly plausible. May be by the end of this year? That too is quite a possibility.

The one thing though that could help is a community outreach to the police either directly or through the Bengaluru police to encourage the use of social media in their city by central authorities.

What’s your take on this? A good move by the cops to come in on board with the digital age? How possible is it that you would report a crime through Twitter or Facebook?

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