WD Creates A Touching Video Around The Globe To Strike A Positive Connect With Social Media Fans

People have dreams of traveling around the world so that they can know different cultures and ways of life that make our planet so unique. To experience the sights, sounds and flavors of exotic Asia to the wilderness of the Savannah. But our tired and busy lives keep us at a distance. We entangle ourselves in our lives so easily and quickly that we don’t see our lives fleeting past. WD exactly recognizes this fact and brings forth the idea through the video.


Objectives –

  • To show viewers the ease of use of WD products along with their utility
  • To create an emotional connect with their audience through social media


Execution –

The video opens with the young boy and his grandfather looking at the globe, with grandfather Edward teaching the boy all that he knows about the world and sharing his passion about travelling with him. The boy feels consumed with the need to do something to make his dream come true. His email to WD hits the right spot with the Global WD team helping to create a video montage that uses the help of WD employees across the globe to give a glimpse of various countries they are from. All with the message of “Welcome to (name of country/ city), Grandpa Edward.”

WD has carefully managed to use its products in the video in a manner that portrays it in a great enough way for anyone to use. Whether old or young! The video explains the ease of use, suggesting that the products are quick for fulfilling a purpose.

The video is a montage of clips from various countries that grandpa Edward may have wanted to visit during his lifetime, making it an emotional yet gripping video that makes it perfect for the holidays. A time for family and giving and love.

The video, reminds you how much happiness an act of love can bring. Especially to our loved ones.

Take a look at the video –


The video also includes products such as the My Passport Ultra portable hard disk drive that has been featured prominently on Facebook as well as Twitter for social media enthusiasts. From exhibitions taking place to survival tips for the year, with close to 83, 000 followers, their Twitter handle is rife with exciting information on the company’s activities.

Their Facebook page contains infographics and posts from fans with interesting content related to gaming, contests and information on their products. The page seems a great place to visit to gain an insight into the brand as attested to by almost 2.1 million fans.


Positives –

  • Bringing a feeling of warmth to the viewer

The video brings the viewer closer to the plot of the video with the sole intention of making grandpa happy for his long unfulfilled dream of travelling! There is no regret at the end of this video, but a feeling of warmth that encompasses the viewer and makes them feel that warm emotional connect with the brand – WD.

  • A great reflection of the brand

Perhaps just in time for the holidays, this video gives the brand, WD a great image. One that speaks of caring for its customers and making the world a happier place by fulfilling a dream in a simple manner that shows so much love. From the world over.


Closing Thoughts –

A heart-warming video that makes the mind wander to acts of kindness towards our loved ones and even people whom we are not related to by blood because a global WD team collaborates to realize grandpa’s dream. It breaks in the emotions to make you feel the act of love and kindness around families across the globe. Perhaps a little more product branding and placement in the video could have aided the cause but overall a great video that strikes the right chord with viewers, especially during the holiday season!