The brilliant, unexpected and goofy videos from #CrashThePepsiIPL

One look at #CrashThePepsiIPL and you know, Pepsi has cracked user engagement and provided a platform for creativity, yet again. Social Samosa has decided to pick videos across different categories.


‘The selective hearing’ video brings together humour and a strong idea in only 30 seconds. That says it all.


The ‘served’ video executed a unique concept beautifully. Epitomizing Pepsi as a national drink was the USP of this video.


The Unexpected

This ‘#Rajma – Upma’  video talks about bringing people together from various sections through a common bond.


Drama at its best, a dash of humour, and lots of masti defines this video.


Women playing cricket is refreshing to watch among the male dominated cricket ads in India. This sends out a clear message of changing mindsets in the country.


‘Pepsi Burrp’ was played along the lines of Venus (women) vs. Mars (men); it brought out typical clichés in a humorous way.


The Goofy

The ‘carry on.. .’ video ends on unpredictable note. After having abducted the street kid’s basic cricket equipment, the script takes an unexpected turn.


‘The blind date’ video will leave you giggling. Humor is always the safest bet.

Well, if these ads haven’t stirred you up, check out the ocean of ads on the site. While some will send u running for a Pepsi, others will tap into your creative genes.  A must watch – #CrashThePepsiIPL has a myriad of emotions; it’s a treat for everybody. Round 5 finalists are out on the website. Go check the link.