Experiential gifting – the new social trend

With Bollywood at its best, heart shaped cushions and lockets with images ruled the rooster. Then finally social media reclaimed senses in the gifting space putting the whole showering with roses thought to rest (thankfully).

Crumpling the clichés of exchanging gifts, social media backed data gave birth to the golden trend of gifting experiences. Memories that never perish with time, cajoled in a time loop in your mind.

With a person’s likes, dislikes, dreams, aspirations and inspirations on display – spotting the kind of experience that a loved one will hold in their heart forever has become extremely easy. The new social trend not only opens arrays of doors for gifters, but also a new beat for the entire gifting industry.

With Fathers’ Day approaching or a boyfriend’s birthday, don’t sweat – here are a few social hints that will help pick the perfect experience.

The wanderlust driven hint

Probably one of the easiest hints to spot. Scroll up and down your near one’s profile. Do they often put up statuses of places unknown? Or share posts that adore single travellers or veteran travellers?

Also, gauge their comments. Do they sound like adrenaline junkies? Love for a particular sport or adventure can easily be manifested into an experience.

Go ahead and gift them an adventure or a trip. It could be as random as bungee jumping in Hrishikesh or paragliding at a beach. GiftXOXO can gift them an experience they can never forget. 


The hobby driven hint

Any passionate person will love nothing more than an experience that revolves around their very dream. Check the person’s Twitter timeline. What do they usually speak about? What kind of articles they share and on which hashtag do they raise their voice?

If music is something that makes them smile, learning DJig from a professional DJ would make the perfect experience for a gift. Add learning horse riding or cocktail making on the list and you’re golden.

The food driven hint

Food – do you really need more reasons to gift this experience? The best part about gifting a foodie? They will appreciate every bit of it – literally.

Raid the person’s Instagram feed. #Foodgasm, #Foodporn #Instafood – these are some of the common hashtags that food lovers dawn. These hashtags will also help you track best restaurants around the city and then you can always refer to a site like GiftXOXO to action your plan.

Dine on a yacht with a personal yacht booked for only one couple or a romantic dinner under a helipad – food with ambience, best gift ever.

Pool Side dinner Exp

The health driven hint

Got a health freak on board? This is how you will spot this hint – look for health oriented apps on their mobile phone. Check the pages and people they follow on Facebook & Twitter. There are bound to be dieticians, nutrionists and food for thought kind of pages in the list.

Go ahead and gift them a yoga day at a spa or a treat at a health house. You know GiftXOXO can help you with that.

The memory driven hint

Sometimes – nothing matters more than that one special day you spent with your grandparents at the beach or your spouse at the barn. What could make a better gift? Share your experience with GiftXOXO and they shall give you ideas on redeeming it.

It could be your parent’s anniversary or best friend’s birthday – recreate that one special memory once again.

Social media is more than a window to a person’s thoughts. If interpreted correctly, social gifting is bound to create many a memories in gold.


A writer by Karma, grammar Nazi by heart and traveler by hope, Saloni loves to pen about anything under the sun. With six years of journalism experience under her kitty, Saloni has tried hands on various beats including – Social Media, e-commerce, Mobile, Indian radio, Advertising, Food and Travel. Writing for various national and international publications has given Saloni an understanding of the science of social media.