Facebook launches Donate Now button

Karthika Raveendran
Aug 25, 2015 05:45 IST
New Update
Facebook introduced a call to action ‘Donate now' button for all non-profit organisations pages' posts and ad links. This is a big step in building on a direct relationship between the non-profit organisation page owners and users who are keen on donating for a particular cause.

The button will function on the same lines, as the Shop Now option which pushes users to take the next step towards a particular cause. The new development encourages non-profit organisation to create a Facebook page (if they don’t have one already) that could potentially become a source of revenue, as people can now donate on an immediate basis.

A Facebook spokesperson said, “Every day, people use Facebook to raise awareness and support for causes they care about and to motivate others to do the same. We're inspired by how much good comes from these connections, so we've added 'Donate Now' calls-to-action on Pages and link ads to make those connections easier than ever."

Recently, when calamity struck Nepal, Facebook created a Donate button to raise funds for the severe on going situation. With the ‘Donate Now’ button being a permanent page feature for the non-profit organisations, the landscape for these organisations is only going to improve and encourage people to take up causes more strongly, than before.

From a social welfare perspective, the button lends a voice to all causes alike, big and small in order to take it to its next level.

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