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TVS Scooty weaves a breath of fresh air in social media marketing of auto industry which is otherwise constricted to technical dialogue. The brand’s #CollegeWaliGaadi reinforces how a scooter is lot more than a mere vehicle and can transform college into a magical experience.

While celebrating timeless friendship bonds, value of inspiring new ones is often left on the backburner. Ironical, since friends made in the good old college days are the ones that strive lifelong. Rectifying this, TVS Scooty reached out to the millennial with its Friend Finder.

A good friend knows all your best stories; a best friend has lived them with you

That movie would not have been even more fun, had you not indulged in a pop corn war with your friends. TVS Scooty carves a larger message – rides on scooters will be as dreamy and happy only with friends.

Friend Finder, an augmented reality oriented initiative, generated QR codes for every student in their freshmen year in college. Each student then had to stick the QR code on themselves while others could scan them with their mobile phones to get the details of that particular person.

The QR code emerged as a catalyst in creating conversations. Students were soon seen scanning these codes and interacting with each other breaking the ice. Smiles and friendships etched forever, Friend Finder seemed to have achieved its goal.

We had a blast this friendship day by letting college girls make friends in a totally new way!So this friendship day, make some new friends to share that college masti with!

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Good friends are like stars. You can’t always see them; but they’re always there

#CollegeWaliGaadi was about evoking happy college experiences from their users while creating a subtle brand recall for TVS Scooty. Chronicles that would have panned out differently, if it weren’t for friends started circling Twitter.

TVS Scooty has always managed to create a larger connect with its compelling messages for youth. The brand had created a Valentine’s Day video, rooting a message that loving oneself is the most important.


This Valentine's Day celebrate more than just one kind of love. Spread happiness all around you. Be Every Love. Be your love.

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TVS Scooty’s #CollegeWaliGaadi convinces the youth to go out and make new friends; that is truly social networking.

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