Nissan races ahead of times with #JukeDNA on Instagram

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Facebook and Twitter are not the only social media platforms for campaigns anymore, Instagram started increasing it speed and catching up with these ever-growing platforms that fuel the campaign to success.

With the addition of Nissan Jukein the family, the car tech wanted to connect with their audience. The idea was to bank on user-generated content to build excitement and display innovativeness.

According to David Parkinson, General Manager, Social Digital Engagement,t Nissan, “Personalisation is key for our consumers with the new Juke there is even greater opportunity for owners to really stamp their personality on their car.”

Execution Van

Instagram users were invited to share pictures that they think represents their personality. Nissan, in return would send them back the picture of a personalised Juke using colours that were used in the photo of the sender.

@unicorn0k thanks for sharing this #GrandDaughter moment! Hope you ll like your #JukeDNA !

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They shared their best pictures on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to encourage other users to participate in the campaign activity using #JukeDNA

Race Results

The campaign focused on using the photo-sharing app to make more audience participate and to increase engagement around their latest launch. Nissan's activity aimed at bringing their audience to the brand encouraging them to contribute instead of interrupting in their daily social media activities.

With Nissan experimenting with the new age social media, the campaign saw almost 715 mentions on Twitter and 214 posts on Instagram.

There are not many tips, hints or DIYs that can be used to appeal to auto lovers. For instance, Audi's Instagram followers lashed out when the brand triend to connect on a different level. With #JukeDNA, Nissan managed to connect on a personal level while avoiding the intruder route.

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