These brands teach you to advertise on facebook like a pro

Saloni Surti
Oct 09, 2015 10:30 IST
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These brands teach you to advertise on facebook like a pro
Like it or hate it – there is no ignoring the 125 million active Facebook users in India. The social media giant shifting weights from like to various additional advertising formats – changed the game of Facebook advertising.

Ranging from carousel ads to the recent updated lead ads – Facebook has a little something for everything; provided you know how to use it.


App based start-ups often rely on social for lead generation and nothing better than Facebook for it. Food discovery app Qraved used Facebook to empower Indonesians discover their News Feed posts and boost traffic to its website by 20X in 6 months.


Aim of the campaign was help users discover different eateries and inspire them to try something new. Raising brand awareness and positioning itself as a media brand and not just as a booking service, was on the cards too.

Qraved ran photo ads and link ads in mobile desktop News Feed. It also used Audience Insights to learn user demographics to form a more relevant content strategy. The app received over 20x increase in traffic and 80% lower cost per acquisition.


Amidst the highly cluttered e-commerce space, Bewakoof wished to reach people who visited its pyjama category web page without buying anything, and bring them back to the site.

Its campaign goal was to increase sales, build brand loyalty and achieve a 15% lower cost per acquisition than traditional marketing channels.


Reminding people of the pyjamas they’d been browsing with a targeted photo ad helped Bewakoof boost sales and reach its audience—all while reducing its cost per acquisition.

Between April to June, Bewakoof witnessed 15% increase in sales and 3X return on ad spend. It also experienced 10% lower cost per acquisition that traditional advertising channels.

Durex Insomnia

Known for its quirky print and banner ads, Durex managed to crack the Facebook advertising code as well. The condom brand partnered with Facebook’s Creative Workshop to overcome a marketing challenge faced in the Indonesian market.

In a conservative country where sex comes with inhibition and is conveyed about in hushed tones, Durex wanted to start a conversation around contraceptives. Together, Durex and Facebook created photo ads that guided users on their sexual wellbeing, while being sensitive to Indonesian culture.


Durex used the creative ads to direct people to Tanya Durex, a microsite created for users to could ask questions to experts.

Cracking the Facebook code involves figuring out the best ad format for your business. To demystify the entire process, participate in Social Samosa’s Facebook advertising workshop.


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