Classic cricket campaigns on social media for inspiration

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Classic cricket campaigns on social media for inspiration
Naked streets, eyes blatantly glued to the screens, tricolor painted across cheeks, timely shrieking and swearing - well, no points for guessing what we’re hinting towards, because the nation is aware that the season of stumps is back and we can’t seem to get a grip on our emotions.

When it comes to cricket a majority of us are a little (or a little too) dramatic, but we aren’t shying away from it and nor are the brand these days. Benefitting from the country’s gluttony for cricket, brands are going ahead and flavoring campaigns spinning around the theme, adding on to the fervent ubiquitous enthusiasm for the game.

With the on-going T20 World Cup and successively tailing the new season of Indian Premier League drags the country to cricket craze. Taking advantage of this situation, we plan to carve out from history some of the finest cricket themed brand campaigns, just to engage with the moods of the masses and taking them on a throwback journey. Here is here dose of inspiration for all brands and agencies out there.


Huddling up the fans closer for the World Cup 2015, Nike connected with the team and came up with their campaign #BleedBlue to unveil the official jersey for the game. The phrase #BleedBlue synonymous to the Indian Cricket Team has knitted such a diverse nation into the color blue.

Reigning Bollywood queen, Deepika Padukone became the face of #BleedBlue and joined the massive cricket fan club.

A gentle reminder, it’s time to #BleedBlue yet again.

Star Sports

A classic blend of sarcastic humor, passion and sentiments the Mauka Mauka series became the buzz of the cricket World Cup in 2015. This first film was released prior to the India-Pakistan match, further tribute to all the Indian matches. The string of the Mauka series was created with an attempt to stem further excitement for the upcoming matches.


The brand conducted a contest in the social media space using #MyTeamMyPride, where netizens were bowled with questions allied with cricket and lured with shopping vouchers. The contest was well received by the fans of the game.

hdfc hdfc 2

Cadbury Dairy Milk

As 2015 World Cup was on going, Cadbury decided to coat more sugar to the existing excitement by taking twitteratis through a cricket contest. Using #FansOfJoy participants were expected to send in their answers with Cadbury goodies up for grabs.


The beverage brand has been associated with cricket for the longest time, as the last IPL season #PepsiChallenge came to country with their splendid crowd sourced campaign Crash the Pepsi IPL. This campaign allowed cricket maniacs to uncork their creativity by making a 30-second video on the theme. The best entries had the opportunity to star in the new Pepsi ad, where a prestige jury filtered the best ads.

Hey Guys!Watch the ad we made for #CrashThePepsiIPL campaign. If you like it don't forget to hit the like and share...

Posted by Varun George on Thursday, April 30, 2015

Haha, nicely done, Abhay Raha. Eshita Apple Puri, nailing that snigger suppression. xD

Posted by Parth Taco on Monday, April 20, 2015

Lays India

Lays bought out a cricket flavored zesty campaign during the World Cup 2015 on Twitter using #LaysPlays and #TicketKaGame. Both these hashtags were integrated within a campaign on Twitter where winners were tempted to win a ticket to a seat in the stadium for the finals. Every cricket fan’s desire!

The brand asked Twitteratis to use #TicketKaGame to guess what the contest was. Lays put in some zest in the contest by claiming that more the tweets the fasters the contest would be revealed. Once the contest was revealed #LaysPlays asked participants to unleash their imagination and reply to lays by using witty cricket languages at the same time making it pertinent to lays.


The liquor brand kicked off a digital campaign for users to have a good time through the lip-syncing app. Velfie, was the trend of 2015 and grasping firmly on it, Kingfisher which is a brand connected with Indian Premier League carried on the campaign. Last year in May, amidst IPL, users were asked to make a Dubsmash video celebrating the good times by performing on the brand’s jingle.

Divided by teams but united by #KFDubsmash was their tagline which invited users to perform on Oo La La La Leo.

Beer Café

From brands to bars, everyone slipped into the cricket craze and took up social media to share the pleasure with their consumers. Beer Café a popular bar chain in the country produced innovative creatives cooping beer with the World Cup fever.

beer cafe 1 beer cafe 2


Last World Cup when the men in blue were battling in Australia and New Zealand, the cricket fans managed to keep up with the odd match timings. To encourage the spirit of the fans, Gillette went ahead by shifting its tagline from ‘best a man can get’ to ‘the best a fan can get’. As a compliment to the fan base, the brand launched a special edition of Indian razor that had the word INDIA engraved on it to enhance the spirit.

The razor was accompanied by a film commemorating the cricket fans and put across this message via social media to reach the majority. The film encapsulates the sentimental journey of an Indian fan right from scratch, featuring the legendary cricketer, Rahul Dravid.


Club Mahindra

Club Mahindra joined the bandwagon of cricket themed campaigns by creatively amalgamating tales from their resorts into the match between India and Pakistan. They utilized the Mandala from their logo with tweets around the toss and every time the star cricketer Virat Kohli hit a four or a six and finally when he scored his century.

They innovatively drew parallels with the match and their brand, finally concluding with a photograph of a cake their chefs baked for the team at their resort.

Axis Bank

It’s no secret that every household, person has their own superstitions stuck to the victory of the team, be it standing throughout the match or gluing to a particular seat.

Following such cricketing rituals Axis Bank ran a social media campaign last World Cup back in 2015, inviting fans to tag their friends and folks with an inimitable custom of cheering for the country using #SuperFanRitual.

Any other cricket campaign that you think should be a part of this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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