[Report] Decoding social media strategy of official IPL 9 sponsors

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[Report] Decoding social media strategy of official IPL 9 sponsors
Surfing through channels, papers, or social media feeds - the only thing visible to eyes currently, is the ninth edition of Indian Premier League. To add on to the IPL saga brands have gripped on to the fever and already running the social media race to win the audience.

Coca-Cola with a gigantic fan base of 97M and 3.2 M seems to be leading on Facebook and Twitter this IPL season.

While, on the largest photo-sharing app, Instagram Yes Bank comes across as the rising star with 78.9k followers, followed by Amazon India with 29.6k. Coca-Cola also seems to be acing the charts in terms of daily audience growth.

To dissect every medium further, Social Samosa acts as the commentator in the social media box giving you the social media insights of brands participating in the IPL race.  This report by PropheSee, gives a detailed insight in IPL 9.

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