#SocialMediaRoundup – The Week that was


With major social media platforms announcing breakthrough updates, the third week of June 2016 has left industry professionals with ample food for thought. This weekly roundup captures the social media news as it happened.

1. Snapchat paves way to IPO with Ads API and inserts between stories – Snapchat is ready to make the big bucks that could let it go public thanks to a slew of important updates to its ads offering. They’ll give advertisers the spotlight, buying flexibility, return on investment opportunities and measurement to throw huge budgets at Snapchat’s 150 million daily users.

2. Facebook Introduces Store Visit and Purchase Metrics for Location-based Ads – Facebook has launched Local Awareness ads with a native shop locator feature, which can be used to find and navigate to the nearest branch without leaving the ad, and the ability to track store visits and purchases as an effectiveness metric.

3. Microsoft – LinkedIn deal garners more than 70000 mentions – An acquisition massive for both sides – the recent amalgamation of Microsoft and LinkedIn has given a push to predictions, opinions, and theories revolving around the consumption procedure for users and insights for marketers.

4. Pinterest adds site, app retargeting to its ad-targeting options – Pinterest’s latest targeting options aren’t new among digital platforms, but the company claims its commerce-minded audience is what makes them novel.

5. Twitter enables emoji based targeting – Twitter has disclosed a new marketing tool for advertisers to target audiences by their use of emojis, as it looks to enhance targeting and ad spend on the platform. Twitter announced the news prior to World Emoji Day on June 17.

Indian brands are still figuring a way to get a hang of Snapchat, the announcement of advertising API’s and partners would definitely throw some light in the tunnel. Facebook’s in store analytics make a lot of sense for retailers who are hit by the formidable wave of e-commerce. Re-targeting on Pinterest is an enticing opportunity for e-commerce brands who have seen some benefits from the platform in the past. Twitter is known for eccentric targeting hooks, the emoji based targeting can have interesting permutations and combinations for brands who believe in real time marketing. The Microsoft-Linkedin acquisition might bring in the lost fortune to the struggling professional social media network.

The possibilities are endless we will have to wait and watch how the Indian social media story unfolds. Till then stay tuned to Social Samosa for latest social media news!