Digital marketing profiles to look out for

Social media ad spends worldwide hit $25.14 billion in 2015. By 2017, social network ad spending is slated to reach $41.00 billion, representing over 18% of all digital ads spending globally. Social media and digital marketing overall have drastically impacted the budgets set aside for traditional mediums.

Social media marketing is now an economy in itself – with its own set of axioms, norms, rules, and opportunities. Right from content creators to media buying – digital marketing boasts of some of the most creative and trickiest job profiles.

CRM Manager

CRM or Client Relationship Manager no longer defines managing a client or bridging the client –organisation communications. It is about using digital and social media to stay ahead of the curve – spotting the right client, figuring out their needs and presented a tailor made plan or solutions.

CRM and Business Development are still under explored by fresh talent in the digital marketing space; hence, lays a gold mine.

Analytics Manager

Speak to understand – social and digital media is about understanding basis all the data you’ve managed to garner. Carefully collate data and find ways to analyse it. An Analytics Manager plays a very important role in helping brands and agencies design accurate strategies.

Branded Content Manager/Writer

Creating content and creating branded content are two different things altogether. Branded content is one most important marketing tool these days. Consumers no longer want advertisements being flashed in their face, you need to give them what they want and branded content plays a very important role in achieving this. It involves a lot of creativity, imagination, and skillful writing.

Blog Manager

Every organization now has their personal blog – a space where they share their human side, their thoughts, and opinions beyond the brand’s identity. Brand blogs are indeed fun to manage and give you ample of editorial liberty.

Digital PR

Digital Public Relations is massively different from traditional PR. Tweets are often considered as official quotes and status updates and official opinions. Digital PR implies being seamlessly connected to the online and offline media with a handy crisis management mechanism.

Digital media is growing by the minute and if you wish your career chart to grow in a similar fashion you need to understand the industry in and out. Follow UpGrad’s Digital Marketing Conclave in Mumbai, wherein industry honchos will be discussing the industry at length. Here is your opportunity to growth.