[Infographic] Life of a social media manager

Social media can be utilized in numerous ways. It really has a vast amount of possibilities when it comes to the question of what you want to do with it.

For us to keep in touch with friends and family; reconnect with a childhood buddy who moved away or to make good use of and achieve a tremendous amount of exposure and popularity in the market.

Not only confined to marketing, social media goes a long way in keeping touch with consumers and amassing goodwill.

This is where a social media manager steps in, the person who manages everything right from the beginning through to the end. From creating content to posting and evaluating it – a social media manager’s job never ends.

Social media marketing has no limits and thus the job of a social media manager has no virtual limit either.

Making use of all the social media tools at their disposal, a social media manager can help a business establish a respectable and formidable social media presence in no time.

This infographic takes a look at the maddening yet ever-evolving life of a social media manager.


meltwater infographic

The article was first published on Meltwater’s blog