When influencers learnt about Rajinikanth marketing #Kabali

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When influencers learnt about Rajinikanth marketing #Kabali
With Bollywood boosting their gems on festive holidays, Kollywood couldn’t hold back their excitement, making Rajnikant the reason for their holiday on his latest release. Kabali has taken over south with a literal 'Thalaiva' storm and has given rise to co-branded marketing campaigns with 22nd July marked on everyone’s calendar.

The Rajini social storm

Rajinikanth, the giant superstar of Kollywood, has managed to single handedly take social media by storm, getting his movie Kabali enough attention in the digital world. If that was not enough, through his movie, he enabled brands to leverage on his stardom for their benefit.

Rajinikanth synonymous to God down South is familiar to all sorts of craziness in association to him, but getting startups to book entire cinema halls for staff to watch the movie is something he mustn’t have seen coming.

Becoming an ideal platform for movie marketing, social media has nestled and nurtured the promotional activities of cinemas to boost this trend. A strong social media presence has become more like a necessity for the movie business and Kabali follows this ritual religiously and in return getting overwhelming responses.

The first YouTube teaser of the movie was uploaded on 30th April that received 26M views for a minute of Rajinikanth’s appearance. If this isn’t already blowing your mind away, the story behind #KabaliLeaveLetter by fans definitely would.

No brand is bigger than Rajni

Trying to ace the digital race, brands of various genres, giving creativity a priority are putting every social media feature to use to please their audiences, but arguably, the fanatics might nod aggressively in agreement that Rajinikanth, the name itself is bigger than any brand could ever be. Brands are smart and pretty much aware of this information, hence, going a step ahead they are determined to leverage on the popularity of this actor to their benefit.

V Creations, the official producer of the movie has associated with the top 6 popular brands like Cadbury, AirAsia, Amazon, Airtel, ShopCJ, and 5 Star, capitalising on the demands of movie marketing. With a cult following in his name, Kabali turned all stones after AirAsia announced an exclusive ‘Fly like a superstar’ for their commuters.

The impeccable reach of Nerupada’s name has been able to lucidly mingle these brands with their audience using social media that allows them to bring out the essence of the to-be-launched movie through the features offered by the digital platforms.

Some Twitteratis breaking their head to book the tickets, others are celebrating their victory. Picking up on picking up on the emotional value, brands are leveraging this golden opportunity to market themselves with Rajnikant their influencer.

To break the entire scenario down, brands have huddled together to raise itself by climbing on the fame of this giant influencer, putting the puzzles in place and creating a collaboration of their brand and movie on social media. But as the brands come together for one theme, unknowingly they managed to hype Kabali on the social sphere by collectively speaking about it.

This is a classic example of an innovative blend of brand and movie marketing on social media; and as we believe, you either need Rajinikanth or a great social media strategy to be successful on digital!

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