#SocialMediaRoundup – The week that was

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#SocialMediaRoundup – The week that was

The week starting July 04, 2016 ushered in a lot of new updates. Right from Snapchat to its arch enemy Instagram, were seen adapting changes to make their UI and experience friendlier.

Snapchat shifts from its core identity with Memories

On Wednesday, the massively popular app announced a feature that hints a major change for Snapchat. This updated feature is titled ‘memories’ and will be rolled out to users on the iOS and Android platforms next month. It holds space for photos and videos that can be included in the story later. You can create a memory by clicking a picture as you normally would and click save.

Facebook to profess its love for users in 45 different languages

Facebook now becomes friendlier with its multilingual users by allowing them to post in a number of languages at once. The newly introduced software will allow users to select the preferred language they want to use, from 45 different language options.

Twitter seeks NBA, MLS, Turner deals to stream sports

Twitter is in talks with the NBA, Major League Soccer and Time Warner Inc's cable network Turner Broadcasting to buy digital streaming rights for content related to major sports and events. This content could either be actual game footage or live interviews and analysis, the technology news website reported, citing people familiar with the talks.

Instagram introduces filter for abusive comments

The feature seems to be similar to Twitter’s notification quality filter for its Verified users in terms of its simplicity and reliance on filtering. Once they switch it on, the account user won’t have to do anything themselves as the tool simply relies on picking up words and phrases that have been repeatedly reported as offensive and stops comments containing them from appearing on posts.

Pinterest steps up search options

Pinterest, the image-based social network, is enhancing its limited search options for marketers to include both keyword and image-based search.

Apart from Snapchat, no phenomenal changes were seen. Snapchat Memories, on the other hand, could be a game changer. Not only the update goes beyond Snapchat’s core identity of disappearing photos, but could also give a strong competition to Facebook’s Memories feature. In contrast, Snapchat also stands at the risk of receiving flak for duplicating a Facebook feature and going against its ideology.

Let’s see what the coming week has in store. Stay tuned.

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