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Home owners are emotionally connected with their houses. Each house has a story of its own and lifelong memories that make it special. This was one idea that contributed towards building the campaign #HousesofIndia.


The popular saying ‘Home is where the heart is’ is absolutely accurate since, there is no place as special as one's home.  with their campaign #HousesofIndia wanted to see how people all over India lived, in houses as different as the languages they speak.

Memoir launched the #HousesOfIndia campaign on Instagram – a weekly photo-story project that covered unique homes and homeowners’ stories from and around the country reaffirming the belief there is no place in the world which is as special as one’s home.


This campaign highlighted one universal truth; that the feeling of home, and the connection one has with it.


Earlier this year, launched their first TVC campaign ‘Yeh Ghar Meri Jaan Hai’, with stories of people and what their homes mean to them. Building on this theme, they rolled out a campaign titled 'Houses Of India'.

The campaign was a weekly photo-story project on Instagram, which showcased homes from all over the country with the hash tag #HousesOfIndia. Through a series of pictures, viewers were taken on a journey into the homes, lives and dreams of ordinary people, with extraordinary stories.


The brand's social media team worked with freelance photographers for pictures of the houses. Every story was then presented on Instagram as 3-4 chapters, covering an introduction to the family, and their home.


The photo-series showcased both, external architecture and internal structures of these houses such as handmade furniture, or a home garden.


The ‘Houses of India’ campaign commenced in February and the brand witnessed an organic increase in the number of followers on Instagram by ~18% taking the number to 4,600 followers.

Their posts received numerous comments and engagement on Instagram. began posting the ‘Houses of India’ stories on their Facebook page which also received considerable traction. The pictures and stories were received well by their followers, and the ‘Houses of India’ theme is gaining recognition on Facebook.

With #HousesofIndia, attempted content marketing for creating buzz around the brand.

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