Pinterest adds yet another feather to the app with Instapaper

Pinterest has acquired Instapaper, an app that enables users to bookmark and save webpages to read later, for an undisclosed amount; but have expressed their plans to keep the app running separately.

Instapaper essentially shares similarities with Pinterest, as users on both the platforms save webpages and articles to read them later. It remains one of the popular apps on the Apple App Store that lets users bookmark articles and not misplace it among the flurry of online posts.

Pinterest has come a long way from being photo sharing platform to a more ambitious online shopping destination. The company introduced ‘Buyable Pins’, online shopping bag for users, visual search capabilities, and a new feature enabling merchants to gauge trends on Pinterest along with video ads which they recently launched.

Over the past few months, Pinterest has been on an acquisition spree. The company acquired Highlight, an app which notifies its users about the proximity of their social media friends, and Shorts, another app from the creators of Highlight.

It is not clear as to what Pinterest plans on doing with Instapaper, as they are not absorbing its features into their core platform. One of the purposes it could serve is provide Pinterest with data about user behaviour with respect to the posts they save using the app.

Pinterest is also retaining the Instapaper team but will be moving them from New York to Pinterest headquarters at San Francisco. On their blog, Instapaper also informed users that nothing will change with the app but users are sceptical and waiting to see how Pinterest utilizes their latest acquisition.