Twitter announces revenue sharing model for content creators

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Twitter announces revenue sharing model for content creators
Twitter is testing revenue sharing models with individual creators, for original video content under its Amplify Publisher program.

Previously working only with a select group of publishers, Twitter is now planning on working with individual creators. Videos laced with advertisements generate considerable revenue and the micro blogging platform has decided it does not want to miss out on the riches anymore.

Twitter is dipping its toes into a pool already populated with its rivals, Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat, all of them offering a piece of the action to content creators on their platform.

For now, Twitter has not divulged the details of the percentage they will share with the creators, but the company is offering a simplified and flexible process of monetization. On their blog, Twitter says it wants to make the make publishing and monetizing as simple as sending a tweet.

Content creators in the US can simply ‘check a box’ before they Tweet their content, in order to run pre roll ads against the content.

To essentially reduce the complications, Twitter has also announced product upgrades to both their desktop and mobile applications with better publishing tools, tweet scheduling options, multi account support among other improvements.

Twitter’s Engage Mobile App is also receiving a new feature, named ‘Earnings’ which will help creators track their earnings on Twitter.

Furthermore, Twitter owned social media talent agency, Niche, will provide them with the services of thousands of content creators, and in exchange offer them a wider platform and capitalize on Twitter’s relationship with big brands.

Video is a huge draw not just for user engagement but also for advertisement, and Twitter’s rivals have been banking on it more and more. YouTube still retains its position as the favorite platform for content creators, but is constantly being challenged by Facebook and Snapchat.

Twitter has made a number of attempts at tackling their stagnant user base with hardly a significant rise in the number of users by making their platform more interesting for users, including Promoted Stickers, opening up Moments for their users, increasing the GIF size limit to 15MB among others.

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None of the updates or newer features have registered a significant impact, and Twitter must be hopeful that more video content proves to be their salvation.

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