Angel Broking coins #ARQisTheFuture to popularize their new product

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Angel Broking applied a Nobel Prize winning economic concept to create a futuristic investment engine, ARQ which can calculate large amounts of data and offer personalized investment advice.

Brand campaigns that are financial and technical in nature usually suit a specific audience and hence, are only targeted towards them. The challenge for Angel Broking was to make the campaign educative and fun for the layman as well.


With the campaign, Angel Broking intended to raise awareness about their newest product (ARQ) on social media by leveraging the popularity quiz contests, to engage their followers over a sustained period of time.


Using a series of contests, Angel Broking promoted ARQ among their followers on social media that not only spread the word about the product, but also made sure the brand reached out to their target audience perfectly.

With the help of audience participation, Angel Broking ensured maximum engagement for their contest. The brand also created two humour laden TVCs explaining the product to viewers.

Angel Broking rolled out four separate contests over a duration of more than 2 weeks which ensured the hype around ARQ on social media.

The contest answers had to be sent along with the campaign hashtag, thereby achieving maximum use of the hashtags.

These questions helped users be comfortable with the concept and features of ARQ. All this created a sense of a product which was fun, user friendly and technologically advanced to take care of even a layman’s investment needs.


The hashtag, #ARQisTheFuture, managed to trend no.1 in India as well as worldwide. This was soon followed up with 5 more contests over a one month period, all of which trended at no.1 in the country and bar one, trended worldwide as well.

Facebook saw an organic reach of almost 1.7 lakhs across the 6 contests along with 9000 comments and 6968 reactions.

Twitter received more than 130 million total impressions and more than 11,500 retweets and more than 41,000 hashtag mentions during the campaign.

Angel Broking successfully leveraged social media contests to put the word out about their revolutionary new product to their niche target audience of stock brokers and investors.

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