#BergerDiWALLi brings out the Jugaadu in you

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The objective of the campaign was to blend Diwali festivities and typical make-shift ‘jugaads’ that people do along with the brand and service awareness for Express Painting.


If you don’t have nails, use double sided tape; no photo frame than use a piece of cardboard – the world of Jugaad always has something in store for you. Banking on this human tendency of Jugaad, experienced classically in India, Berger decided to have some fun during the festive season.

The bling and ring of Diwali lies in the lights, the lamps, and beautifully done houses, but, there is always this one crack in the wall or fallen shred of paint that threatens to ruin your festive fervour royally. This is when the Jugaad(u) brain gets in action!

#BergerDiWALLi gave social media users a chance to display their creativity with the Décor Jugaads they pull off and stand a chance to win prices. The campaign went live on Friday, 21st October and went on till Sunday, 30th October, 2016.

The brand released a number of video clips, creatives and posts, motivating users to give a glimpse of their Jugaads with #BergerDiWALLi. The hashtag was also given a unique twist with adding the WALL in Diwali and smartly integrating their message in it.

To create engagement around #BergerDiWALLi, Berger shared the best Jugaad entries, inspiring more users to participate and claim shopping vouchers worth INR 1 Lakh.


#BergerDiWALLi garnered 1082 entries in all. The total video views across both platforms were 133,807. On 26th October, #BergerDiWALLi trended in India for 7 hours and delivered more than 27.2 Million impressions.

Berger’s official Facebook page garnered 32, 219 new likes during #BergerDiWALLi. Facebook’s total reach for the campaign was recorded at 1,140,157 and 1,331,983 impressions.

More than 199 influencers collectively generated about 4,516 conversations. Berger achieved 2,272 followers On Twitter with the activity. The campaign trended across various cities on multiple ranks.

Winners were finally announced basis the creativity and popularity of their entries. #BergerDiWALLi hence managed to blend festivities with paints in a fun, unique manner.

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