A few golden gems from KRK's wisdom!

Social Samosa brings you highlights of KRK’s golden ramblings.

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Social Samosa brings you highlights of KRK’s golden ramblings.
There must hardly be anyone on social media (or this planet) who hasn't heard of the gem called KRK, but for the ones who haven't had the good fortune, Social Samosa brings you highlights of KRK’s golden ramblings.

Twitter users are more than familiar with this eccentric entity that inhabits the microblogging platform, spewing his own brand of entertainment, stupidity, and offensive comments in all directions.

The name of this entity happens to be Kamaal R Khan, or KRK as he is not so fondly known as. Forever rubbing celebrities and politicians the wrong way, KRK has secret superpowers which he infuses into his tweets, with an usually high sense of self obsession.

If you are not following this handsome man, trust us you will follow him as soon as you finish this reading this article. We should warn you, some of these won’t even make sense.

1. Please hold your heart okay? 


2. Salman Khan and Deepika were both unavailable for comment on this major development of the future. 


3. This tweet itself did not get 5000 Retweets. Oh the irony!


4. This is encrypted stuff right here. If you decode it, let us know what it means.


5. KRK also handles jail tourism responsibilities.


6. Because Bollywood's number 1 critic says so.


7. No matter how hard you try, this right here is impossible to do.cant-ignore

8. We express our deepest sympathies not only to Laanat but also Rahmat.



9. 50 crore bungalow means nothing because he is not crazy for money, theek hai?


10. Cmon Obama! What the hell?


If you have encountered more such gems from Bollywood's number one critic, do let us know at team@socialsamosa.com.

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