Instagram crosses the 600 million user mark


Christmas has come early for Instagram, who now has more than 600 million users on their platform, only six months after they crossed the 500 million users threshold.

Gaining more than 100 million new users within six months time is a testament to how Instagram has become more than just place to share pictures with people from all over the world.

The platform, purchased by Mark Zuckerberg in 2012 for a billion dollars, was already showing promise, but has now become a trailblazer in its own right. Introducing a slew of new features this year, Instagram has set a benchmark that they have lived up to, once again.

An evolution that has witnessed Instagram transform into a hub for everything that has to do with pictures and media, Instagram has shown ruthless ambition to expand their platform’s horizons with Instagram Stories, newly unveiled Live video, improved safety tools to prevent harassment and bullying and a new ‘Bookmark‘ feature to save posts.

Instagram’s anti bullying tools made the platform a safer place when fellow social media platforms are struggling with containing the rampant misconduct and hatred towards one another.

Not only that, Instagram went a step further with a self harm and suicide prevention tools by offering support and a helpline to users who require it was a heartwarming gesture from the company.

Instagram Stories too was a runaway success registering more than a 100 million users within two months, more than half of its competitor and ‘inspiration’, Snapchat. That’s a different story altogether.

It’s a Merry Christmas for the Instagram team for now.

On their official blog where Instagram signed off, “From all of us at Instagram, thank you for being you. We can’t wait to see what you’ll make next.” as the company beamed at another milestone, hopefully from the many more to come.