[Case Study] Isha Hatha Yoga School taps on Mannequin Challenge’s popularity

Isha Hatha Yoga


Isha Hatha Yoga School

The Mannequin Challenge had been one of the most popular trends last year, and a group of members from the Isha Hatha Yoga School gave a desi spin to the popular trend.


Showcasing their prowess and training in the art of Yoga and infusing it into a more popular social trend, more than 120 Hatha Yogis participated in the challenge to promote the ancient Indian form of meditation and fitness.


In order to attain maximum command over their minds and bodies for the Mannequin Challenge, the participants underwent an intense training program for weeks prior to the day of recording the video.

After preparing for the challenge, the 120 members executed the daunting task of staying still in 15 different Yoga poses until the end of the video recording, at the Adiyogi Alayam, one of Asia’s largest meditation halls.

The video was posted on Facebook and Twitter, and also covered by @NDTVPrime to a tremendous response from social media users.


The Mannequin Challenge video was posted by Isha Hatha Yoga School founder Sadhguru, and shared on the School’s official Facebook and Twitter handles.

On Sadhguru’s Facebook page, the video received 1.5 million views, 43k reactions and 20.6k shares organically and was with overwhelmingly positive audience reception.

More than 1400 comments were left by social media users expressing awe and disbelief at the gruelling and well executed Mannequin Challenge.

The video was a brave attempt to revive age old tradition by bringing it to the youth’s notice with the help of right social media platforms.