8 offbeat web series for you to binge watch!

Web series are slowly replacing television soap operas, but do we really step away from the mainstrea and give offbeat web series a chance?

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While the exodus of the Indian audience away from their idiot boxes may well be underway, web series are slowly and steadily replacing television soap operas for the aam janta. But do we really step away from the mainstream? Do we give offbeat web series a chance after all?

Yes we agree, shows like Permanent Roommates, Tripling and Baked may have paved the way for more and more web series to catch on with Indian audiences, most of us still rely upon recommendations from our friends to discover offbeat web series. You need not worry, a friend is precisely what we are.

Binge watch some of these Make In India web series while you’re waiting for the next season of Game of Thrones! (No extra points for being too cool to watch Game of Thrones.)

1. The Aam Aadmi Family - The Timeliners

The name describes the characters of this show perfectly, although all the drama they whip up is not ‘aam’ at all. Featuring a talented group of actors, The Aam Aadmi Family is one of the most well acted and offbeat web series, and is definitely a must watch.

“There's a gossip-loving grandmother, a hardworking father, a sanskaari mom, and two grown up kids who are dealing with their middle-classness in the best way possible.” says The Aam Aadmi Family’s description on IMDb.

2. UNTag

Untag is a show with an underlying social message, one that attempts to lose the tags that people attach to others, unsuspectingly reducing them to nothing but a tag that has been assigned to them, when people are so much more, in their own unique way.

The story of “a badass boss and a bunch of advertising agency professionals”, UNTag is a must watch from Voot.

3. Official Chukyagiri

The story of Spandan, a small town boy who arrived in the city of dreams, Mumbai with a dream of his own. Now an intern, Official Chukyagiri qualifies as an offbeat web series, and it akes us on a tour of Spandan’s corporate experiences at his new office.

Created by Arre, Official Chukyagiri shows us Spandan’s view of the corporate world through the eyes of an intern.

4. Daaru Pe Charcha

Lets just say, you are going to love this show! This is the show each one of us would watch with our earphones on, and wish that our parents do not find out this is the stuff we watch on our smartphones.

Laced with expletives, Daaru Pe Charcha may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the one’s who can handle it, will love it.

5. Tanhaiyan

A mushy web series amidst most of the comedy and drama genres that most web series pursue, Tanhaiyan is highly rated and a well received romantic show from HotStar.

The show holds an 8.8 rating on IMDb, indicating highly positive viewer feedback, meaning you should definitely give this show a shot if the genre is your thing.

6. Alisha

“Alisha is a crime investigative series set in the backdrop of the fashion industry. The series traces the journey of a 24-year-old fashion blogger turned investigator Alisha.”, now if that does not have you tingling to find out what unfolds in the show, we do not know what will.

From Blush, Alisha is a mini series, and is rated 7.8 on IMDb which indicates the show was appreciated by viewers, and has quite a lot of favourable comments on their YouTube videos. Check it out!

7. Chinese Bhasad

Imagine bringing home your boyfriend/girlfriend, and expressing your plans to marry that person. Scary right? Imagine you’re Indian and the significant other you wish for is Chinese. Oh yeah and your father fought the Indo-China War. That’s Chinese Bhasad, and yes it’s comedy chaos and hilarious stereotype satire.

In case you’re wondering, Bhasad means screwing up, which you will find out about once you watch this show.

8. Man’s World

From the youth arm of Yash Raj Films, Man’s World is a story about a hypothetical scenario, wherein the lead character thinks men are treated unfairly, and wishes for the roles of men and women to interchange, and well, find out what happens when this wish is granted.

The show features cameos from a lot of experienced and well known actors, and you may find it interesting like I did. Give it a shot.

Know of any other web series we could add to the list? Drop them in comments here or write to us at

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