April Fools pranks that prove brands have a sense of humour too!

While toothpaste in Oreos, and prank call scenarios may have been the deal back in the day, these brands took April Fools Pranks seriously

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April Fools Pranks

Not just our friends and family, the arrival of April 1 means you cannot trust your favourite brand either. Brands on social media are out to toss a wrong one to their customers, battling it out each year to have the freshest prank there is.

While toothpaste in Oreos, and prank calls about drummed up scenarios may have been the deal back in the day, these brands are veterans when it comes to April Fools pranks, and took it a step further this year, as expected.

We bring you some of the best April Fools pranks by brands this year that managed to pull a fast one on social media users this 1st April.

1. Snapchat

Perhaps the cheekiest prank this year, Snapchat turned the tables to do what was being done to them. Don’t get it? If you are familiar with Snapchat’s rivalry with Instagram and the entire Facebook bastion, you know the whole clone/inspiration/copy/ripoff scenario in place.

Most recently, Facebook incorporated Stories into their core platform, and well Snapchat had to say something right? Well they did. With a Snapchat filter that turns every picture you take into an Instagram post, with a subtle blow below where the ‘Likes’ are displayed. It showed ‘my mom and 2 others’, a subtle way of saying that Instagram is for older people, boasting Snapchat’s superior appeal among millennials.

2. Google

April Fools prank veterans, Google collaborated with Dutch DJ Armin Van Buuren for a prank that actually managed to fool some people on social media. Bringing about innovation in the Netherlands, a country where it rains too much, the brains at Google have solved this problem by using their knowledge of Google Cloud platform to predict the behaviour of clouds, and to prevent persistent rainfall in the country.

3. Spykar

With Durex venturing into jeans, Spykar went the other way this year. The apparel manufacturer gave us the rare instance of watching this sort of symmetry in life by announcing their intentions of manufacturing Spykar condoms.

4. A&B

The agency posted a quirky ‘Hiring’ announcement listing all the perks they offer, like a PornHub subscription, Paintball Arena, Leaves for Tinder dates and more. It managed to intrigue a lot of people who were caught unawares, and appeared allured by the prospect of availing these benefits.

5. Lay’s India

One of the most annoying aspects of eating a pack of chips is having to share it with your friends, but no more! Lay’s India came up with the groundbreaking idea of a pack of chips with fingerprint sensors, the Lay’s No Share Pack! Too good to be true, and I guess people knew it.

6. PornHub

We may all admit to watching porn recreationally, or may not admit to watching porn, but we can all agree that watching porn is pretty normal right? But what if your friends and family find out the kind of porn you watch (whatever it is), would you not completely freak out?

PornHub scared the living daylights out of a lot of their faithful website visitors with their April Fools prank this year.

7. Virgin Atlantic

Sir Richard Branson appeared to be in a playful mood as he tricked social media users with Virgin Atlantic’s April Fools prank that had many believing that the company had built a plane that could fly by flapping it’s wings in the air.

8. Snickers

The chocolate/snack bar manufacturer announced their entry into the undergarment business with Knickers, which just fits so perfectly! Not saying I would opt for a pair of Sknickers if they were on sale, but I find the prospect amusing.

9. Box8

A drone that delivers your meals to your doorstep in 8 minutes. Yeah we know, it sounds possible and a lot of people actually fell for it, but it was just a clever April’s Fool prank by the brand. Good one, Box8.

10. Ola

Ola pranked their audience by launching an all new alternative mode of transport for short distances, the self driving Ola Wheels, with features that replace all the traditional Ola cab experience, even offering an Ola Small Talk option.

11. Jabra

Knee Speakers. Speakers that you can wear on your knee! Just let that sink in for a moment.

Wireless. Kinetic recharge. Bluetooth.

12. WedMeGood

The wedding planners posted a job opening for Professional Bridesmaids listing a hilarious and ridiculous set of skills and requirements such as "Give advice on how to handle mothers in law." and "Stay calm when brides are turning into bride-zillas and calm them down with soothing words and songs."

13. Cheetos

"Look like the snack you love." is what the copy says, and who does not want to look like a Cheeto? Chester Cheetah approves!

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