Bajaj Electrical’s #MagicOfLight sets an example for B2B brands

A walk through Bajaj Electrical’s #MagicOfLight to understand lessons on social media marketing for b2b brands.

The art of weaving beautiful stories in brand campaigns is an art and Bajaj Electricals has successfully displayed so. In their latest campaign titled #MagicOfLight the brand talks about multiple real life stories from the interiors of the country with no electricity.

There are three different short films which convey how the brand has played an important role in transforming lives through its power transmission and distribution efforts. This is also Bajaj Electricals first campaign focussed solely on B2B segments that play a crucial role in infrastructure building.

The campaign is created and conceptualized by OnAds Communications and talks about hope, despair, and dilemma of a world without light. The objective of the campaign is to create awareness about the successfully designed and commissioned complex landmark infrastructure projects carried out by Bajaj Electricals.

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Talking about the brand’s insight, Anant Bajaj, JMD, Bajaj Electricals said, “The insights were taken from these real-life incidents that our teams have faced during the execution of various projects across the length and breadth of our great nation.”

“The stories in the campaign are inspired and dramatized versions of the stories that we heard from the Bajaj team. We thought it would be interesting to tell them through animation, like a fairy tale, only to reveal that these are not fables but inspired, true stories,” said Jignesh Maniar, Founder of OnAds.

Social media conversation

 The campaign first broke on digital and in cinemas and was later aired on television. Using the hashtag #MagicOfLight, a lot of conversation is happening on social media. A micro site has been created to further push the thought of #MagicofLight.

Below is an excerpt of the following: The brand is otherwise, also quite active on social media. It engages with the audience through different contests and by sharing informative tips using the hashtag #DesiDelicacy or #CheekyChutneys.

The brand is otherwise, also quite active on social media. It engages with the audience through different contests and by sharing informative tips using the hashtag #DesiDelicacy or #CheekyChutneys.

Expert view:

Giving her views on the campaign, Swati Nathani, Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer, Team Pumpkin said,It’s a beautiful campaign! It’s not often that a B2B business campaign really touches your heart. Bajaj Electricals has taken the route of storytelling with a lot of creativity using clay animation and it has come out beautifully. The campaign also creates an emotional connect with the audience. It is leaving a mark on individual’s life and empowering them to grow, encouraging people to preserve sustainable resources. The message comes directly in this campaign is how electricity has played a role in the development of the nation and shaping the life of the individuals.”

The unique execution of the narration through animated puppets made of layers of thin paper has touched hearts and is quite engaging. Each of the videos has clocked more than a lakh views and earned a positive response.

The 75-year old brand’s fresh story telling approach, coupled with a micro site, in this digital age to target the young consumers is quite a memorable one.

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